20 Deep Questions To Ask a Girl You Like – To Start long Conversations with Her !

You must be looking for deep questions to ask a girl you like, right? OK, you are in good hands now! We know it’s not easy for you to talk to her. We have prepared a list of questions that will help you to start a conversation very quickly. You don’t have to ask her every question written below, be natural, and pick the right one to start a conversation.

deep questions to ask a girl you like
deep questions to ask a girl you like

List of Deep Questions to ask a girl you like:


1. Do you want to change something about your past?

If you want to know about her past, this is the deep question to ask her.

2. What’s your specialty that you think people should know about you?

Girls love to talk about themselves, so let her talk by asking this cute question.

3. What things make you insecure in life?

A deep understanding of a person also includes understanding the insecurities in life. To know about her insecurities, ask this question.

4. What is going to be your most significant New-year resolution?

What she is planning to do. If you want to know about her plans, this is the right question to ask her.

5. What is the most that you wanted to change about yourself?

Ask this question to know what is bad about her. What is that specific thing she wanted to change about herself?

6. What you prefer hard-work or stability?

If you want to know either she is a hardworking girl or just like stability, ask this question.

7. What is a perfect day for you?

If you want her to tell you how to make her happy, what makes her happy? Answer to these questions will tell you what makes her happy. If you are in a hurry, try these quick 20 questions for her.

8. Who is your oldest friend?

If you want to know about her friends, ask this question.

9. So far, what is your best experience in life?

If you want to make her smile, ask this question. She is going to smile, plus you will know her best experience of life.

8. What’s you take on negative and positive people?

Asking for opinion is the best question to ask a girl. She will tell you about her thoughts. It will help you understand her more deeply.

9. If you have a lot of money, would you like to build a home or travel around the world?

If you ask this question, you will know what kind of girl is she. She prefers to stay in the same country or move around the globe.

10. On what thing you love to spend your time?

Her answer to this question will tell you what specific thing make her happy.

11. What you think is the secret of a happy life?

Again ask for an opinion and let her speak. Understand her way of things. It is one of the ways to understand her deeply.

12. IF for some reason you have to leave our country, where would you go? And why?

This question is to go deep down in her and know where she wanted to go. In which country she wanted to move.

13. What are that things that guys usually don’t do, and they should do?

Girls have many problems with guys. With this question, you will know what irritates her.

14. Do you believe in the sentence that “things happen for a reason”?

Knowing her perspective of life is very important.  Ask this deep question and let her speak. Have you ever heard of game 21 questions? If yes, try that out on her.

15. If you have the power to stop the time, what would you do?

You will know what she wanted to change in the world or surroundings.

16. What is the most beautiful thing about guys?

Listen to her answer very carefully; don’t try to add you stuff in it. The answer will help you understand many things about the asked topic.

17. What is humanity for you?

Humanity is the same, but people understand it in their way. It is again a deep question to ask a girl.

18. Anything that you wanted to change about guys?

What she doesn’t like in guys. If you know the answer, you can change it, at least in yourself.

19. What you wanted to change about yourself that you can’t?

What’s so bad about her or what is that bad habit she is trying to get rid of but can’t!

20. What is the purpose of life for you?

What kind of person is she? If you want to know, ask this deep question to her.


So, these were all the deep questions to ask a girl you like. We hope you enjoyed reading them. Thank you

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