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Baby swings age range can be varied depending upon the type of baby swing, as baby swings come in different categories. Some baby swings are for the indoor purpose, and they are suitable for younger babies, then there are some outdoor baby swings which are ideal for older babies.

What age can a baby be in a swing
What age can a baby be in a swing


The age range for Indoor baby swings

These baby swings are made for infants. These baby swings are expensive, as they are the motorized baby swings and made for indoor purposes. In such kind of baby swings, generally, birth-6 months is considered as an acceptable age range. But you have to look at other factors as well. Once your baby starts to sit on his own or try to climb out of the swing, then you shouldn’t offer him this indoor baby swing anymore.

Usually, the age limit is on the description section of the baby swing. The age range is to give you a rough estimate. You should mainly focus on the factors discussed above to find out the eligibility of your baby for using a baby swing.

These baby swings are expensive because of advanced features. They are the motorized swings and contains a lot of other features like different swinging modes, different speed levels, music, and comfortable seat, etc. The purpose of these baby swings is to soothe your baby who is crying, and they are also considered to be the best swings for reflux, colic, and gassy babies. They are also useful to give some rest to the parent’s arms as parents can’t always pick up their babies. They have a lot of other work to do, and they can also get tired.

The age range for Outdoor baby swings

Once your baby grows older than 6 months, then you should stop using such swings and consider buying the best outdoor baby swings. These baby swings are for toddlers. Generally, the age range of these outdoor baby swings is six months – 4years. But it doesn’t mean that after six months, your baby is eligible for an outdoor baby swing. This age range is to give you an idea. You have to look at some factors that will let you know that either the baby is eligible for using an outdoor baby swing or not.

  • Your baby should be able to support himself.
  • When he can hold up his head

At six months, if he shows the signs mentioned above, then you should consider buying a bucket swing. Once he grows older, then you can also go for other outdoor swings.

These swings are cheap in price. The reason for the low price is not the quality. Though these swings also come in different qualities. The reason for having a low price is that they don’t contain any motor or advanced features.

These are just the basic swing seats along with safety belts. These are ideal for enjoying the outdoor environment. So these baby swings are perfect for inhaling fresh air. As these baby swings also help babies in making their sensory system strong. By using these swings, babies also learn to balance his body.

Is it safe for my baby to sleep in a swing?

Bottom line

You can use baby swings for both younger and older babies. Generally, 0-6 months is considered as an acceptable range for younger babies. Six months to 4 years is considered a fair age range for older babies. But keep in mind, there is no hard and fast rule. These age ranges are to give you an idea, mainly you should look at the factors which will let you know that either your baby is eligible for using this baby swing or not.


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