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The phantom Bernedoodle is a Bernedoodle which has one primary color with the tips of any other color. When we talk about the primary color, it can come in black and brown main color on the four legs, chest, cheeks, and eyebrows. A true Bernedoodle comes in only black and brown color.

Sometimes the phantom Bernedoodles can also come in black, rust, and minimal white color. This type of Bernedoodle is known as the phantom tri-color Bernedoodle.

phantom Bernedoodle
phantom Bernedoodle

Moreover, a phantom Bernedoodle can change the color look depending upon the age. During their early periods, a Bernedoodle can have rust marking. Similarly, some phantom Bernedoodles are born with pure black color. If you can see the brown marking under the tail of these puppies, these are the best markings of a phantom Bernedoodle. So we can say that the coloring of a phantom Bernedoodle is mostly dependent upon its age. An adult Bernedoodle can have different color schemes as compared to the puppy Bernedoodles. Let’s discuss more the size, color, cost, and generations of the phantom Bernedoodles.


A phantom Bernedoodle can come in different sizes depending upon the size of their parents. There are three main sizes of the phantom Bernedoodles, standard, Miniature, and Tiny phantom Bernedoodle. Moreover, You can get any size of the phantom Bernedoodles depending upon the size of the poodle. The smaller size phantom Bernedoodles are not easy to found due to their great demand as compared to the other sizes of the phantom Bernedoodles.


There are three primary colors of the phantom Bernedoodles, including black, brown, and rust. But a phantom color can occur with any main color, for example, a silver phantom with white points, a chocolate phantom with cream points, and a black phantom with tan points, etc. When we talk about the adult phantom Bernedoodle, it can have black and tan, silver and cream, cream and silver, and black and cream color. So a phantom color in the Bernedoodles comes more with age.


There are two main generations of the Bernedoodles, which are F1 and F2 generation with subsequent generations. A phantom Bernedoodle can come in any generation depending upon the color scheme of their parents. But the maximum number of phantom Bernedoodles has come in the subsequent generations of the Bernedoodles.


The cost of a phantom Bernedoodles may be a little high as compared to the other Bernedoodles. The one main factor of their higher price is their demand. You can buy a phantom Bernedoodle in the range of $3500 to $5000 depending upon size, and generation of the Bernedoodle.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that a phantom color Bernedoodle has only one primary color with the tips of any other color. Moreover, it can come in any size and generation like the other Bernedoodles. But they can be a little higher in price due to their demand.

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