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Deep Questions
Deep questions

What is the meaning of a deep question?

The questions which are deep help us understand other people correctly on a deeper level. To know the true nature of someone, you need deep questions.

These questions are not restricted to asking someone; you sometimes need to ask yourself some deep questions. Questions help us to solve our inner problems. If we know the answer, the questions will help us in the future.

The questions on our website are not just deep. We have a huge variety of questions. We wrote on every possible topic that you might need. Before asking these questions to your loved ones try some of them on your close friends and practice.


List of articles on our website

Here are the articles which cover our main category. Articles have all the types including funny, personal, Philosophical, life and would you rather questions. We hope you are motivated to read all these questions. If you read all the articles in this category, you will become master of communication.

Deep Personal Questions:

Do you want to know someone personally? To know someone personally you have to ask that person some very deep personal questions. Even if you want to know yourself just ask these question to yourself by looking in mirror. Mirror will help you to have a proper conversation with your own self.

Here you can read all of the Deep Personal Questions

Deep Questions About Life:

Do you know it’s great to talk about life? We have a lot to know about our life. We need to ask these questions not just to others but also to ourselves. Life is something incredible and have must ask these questions to others and to our own selves. So, let’s just start our list of deep questions about life.

Here you can read all the Deep Questions about life.

Deep Philosophical Questions

As we all know that Philosophy is all about the study of our fundamental or general problems mainly we focus on matters related to our knowledge, our existence, mind, values and reasons.

Philosophical questions are also fun to talk, if you have having conversation with someone close to you. We wrote just top 10 philosophical questions for you because they get confusing for most of the people.

So without wasting more time just read all these deep philosophical questions.

Deep Would You Rather Questions:

Would you rather is all time favorite game played all over the world. People actually love such questions because they don’t have to think much about these questions as you have two options to choose. It’s an interesting deep question based would you rather game.
Remember: In this game, you have to remember all of these questions. Why? Because it’s a game without any further conversation. You can choose a minimum of 10 questions. After asking those questions, you laugh or talk about the answers. It’s more like a, but you can laugh in between questions depending upon the situation.

Click and Read Questions here.

Deep Funny Questions:

So here are some funny questions to ask your partner. You can use these questions with your friends as well. These are not gender specific you can ask these questions to both male or female friends, partner and anyone to whom you want to talk.

Here you can read all your Deep funny questions.


Before going any further lets read some questions here. We have prepared list of questions for you, which you can ask to anyone. 



1. What is real happiness? How you define happiness for you?

It’s a deeply personal question that you can use for anyone. Everyone has their own ways to stay happy. If you are interested in someone, it’s your responsibility to know more about them.

 2. If you could move to your favorite location where you always dreamed of going, would you like to go there without your friends and family?

If you want to know how important friends and family are to a person, this is what you need to ask. Don’t hesitate to ask this question. You can’t ask the importance of friends and family from someone, so this is an indirect way to ask this.

3. Do you think karma actually exist?

This question doesn’t require any particular explanation, as you want to know the thoughts of that person on Karma. Ask this question to your partner, friends or to anyone and let them explain this to you.

4. What is true love? Do true love exist?

Have you ever thought about this term true love? What is true love first ask yourself before asking this to someone else? If you know the answer, ask this to someone else to know their thoughts on this.

5. Do you want to play hide and seek with your life in the time of crisis?

More like a fun way to ask someone how they manage the time of crisis in life. We all face the crisis in different stages of life but the way we manage that time is important. This question will definitely help you to know your partner even better.

6. Are you following your dream and working hard or just going with the flow of life?

Most people don’t want to break the flow of life. Most of the people prefer a simple and comfortable life. They don’t want to take any risk. Only a few people can follow their dreams.

7. Do our universe have a boundary, or it’s limitless?

Crazy deep question because this question requires some research. You can not find the answer to this question by yourself. Ask this question to someone and try to find the answer.

8. What gives you peace of mind? What is mental peace for you? How you define mental peace?

Men mostly feel peace when they are doing nothing at all. By doing nothing means nothing — not a single thought in mind. Only men have this property to think of nothing women can not do this. They have different ways to find peace of mind. Ask this question to anyone

9. What makes it hard to break up with people we love?

Breaking up with loved ones is not easy. Our emotions don’t allow us to be separated from our loved one. Ask this question to your partner and know what makes it hard to break up with people we love. What are the reasons we break up with people?

10. What are you terrified of losing?

It can be something materialistic or someone special. You must ask this question to your partner, and you can also ask this question to your friends. It’s important to know this personal thing.

11. Is there a life after death?

Scary? Everyone has to die. No one can live infinitely. Have you ever thought about this topic of life after death? Where do we go when we die? There must be something. We must be here for some reason. Many religions believe in life after death. In a religion like Islam they say that life after death is infinite life and this life is temporary.

12. What is the purpose of life?

We must have some purpose. There is no reason for being on earth without any purpose. We are not here just to live and die. What is that purpose? Ask this question to your partner and know his/her views on this topic.

13. If we all have to die why we are living?

Again this question made us think about our life. We know this universal fact that we all are going to die sooner or later than why we are living in this world.

14. Why are we struggling for successful careers when in the end we all have to die?

What is a successful career? Does it even make any sense to be successful in life? Nobody can guarantee life. No insurance company can save you, nor a doctor can help you from death than why we all are struggling for success in this life.

15. How we define life as being good?

Ask this deep question about life to your partner. Even ask this question to yourself. What is a good life for you? are you already living a good life, why you need more? How you are going to decide that your life is good.

16. Why some people are born rich and some born poor?

The one obvious reason is the balance if everyone is born rich who are going to work at construction or who is going to take care of our health. To maintain the balance of this earth this rich and poor thing is essential.

17. Why we do things that we know we should not be doing?

This question will give you an insight into a person. You must know such thoughts of a person before being fully committed to that person. We always want things which we can not achieve or impossible to achieve for us. Rich people are looking for happiness, and poor people are looking for money.

18. Why do we want to be loved by others?

This question is about human nature. Everyone wants to be loved. Human feel bad about being hated. This is a deep question to know more about your partner.

19. How we define what is fair in life?

Nothing feels fair in life; everyone seems to have problems. From president to shopkeeper everyone has his/her own set of problems. It’s not just a question but a topic of conversation. Discuss this topic with anyone.

20. Do you think the soul exist?

It’s a very different topic to talk about. The soul is real. Most of the people believe in this concept and also relate this to life after death. Even when we die our souls remain behind us, leaving our body on earth.

21. Do you think our universe is real?

In the root of philosophy, you can not be sure about things. You can not say that it’s 100% true. This question requires some intense thinking and analysis, and we might get our answer. This question is not just to ask someone. This question is for you as well to think and find the answer to this question.

22. Why we have something rather than having nothing?

First of all, you must know what does it mean? Think of it as when we have things; we don’t pay attention to those things. For example, you have eyes, you have hands, but you don’t care about those things. You want something else; you are not thankful enough for the things you already own. So, why have something rather than having nothing?

23. Do we all pretend to have free will or do we actually have free will?

Do you have free will? Are you free to do anything? Don’t you think you are surrounded by law enforcement and government that doesn’t allow you to have a free will? It’s not true my friend. You are free! It’s up to how you deal with these laws and government. Nobody in this world has control over your feelings and thoughts. You are allowed to do anything you want!

24. Do you think religions are true?

This question is deeper than you might think. Your mind might consider this question as simple and, but in reality, if you focus on your thoughts, you will find things related to religion. Are you following a true religion? This question is for you to find out!

25. Why do we always dream about things that we cannot get?

Ask this deep philosophical question to anyone in this world the answer is human nature. We are greedy by nature. We always want to do things that are not allowed or not in our hands.

26. Is it possible to survive in this world without lying?

If you can find a single person, who claims he/she never lied? If someone is claiming that, it’s a lie, my friend!

27. What if I don’t want to follow my country laws? Why is it necessary for me?

Ask this to your partner or friends. Listen to them why they think the laws are necessary. Rules are to control the bad in our society. We can’t survive easily if we don’t follow the law. If we allow everyone to do whatever they want, the world will become a mess.

28. What will happens to earth if we suddenly disappear from earth?

Have you ever thought about this? What will happen to the world behind us? The building we constructed? The whole system human race is controlling, and what will happen to the nuclear bombs we have on earth.

29. What is freedom? Are you free? Do you think you are doing whatever you want?

Freedom and free will are two different things, don’t mix them. Freedom is the actually allowed things. Things that you are allowed to do. Do you consider yourself free after considering the freedom that is granted to you? Ask this question to know more about the people around you.

30. What’s better? Being a small fish in the big pond or a big fish in a small pond?

It’s a philosophical test for all. You can ask this question to your friend, partner or anyone. Being a small fish means living in high competition and dangerous environment and being a big fish means living in low competition with having more control over things but on a limited scale. Overall this question applies to all fields of life.

31. Would you rather be able to see your 10 minutes in future or 10 minutes in future of someone else?

Who doesn’t want to see future but the catch in this questions is about are you more curious about your future or future of others. This is a fascinating question in would you rather. Must try this question on your friend and family.

32. Would you rather want to be famous when alive or when you are dead?

This question requires you to think, but the game doesn’t allow you to overthink as you have only two options. But the main catch in this question is more about two very main ideas. If you are alive and you are famous you will enjoy, but if you are dead and people still know you, it’s something big but what matters to you is important. That’s what we are trying to retrieve with this question.

33. Would you rather like to stay hungry for 4 days or eat every 4 minutes?

Both are complicated things and almost impossible to do, but you can stay alive by staying 4 days hungry, but it’s impossible to eat every 4 minutes. The question will help you to know how smart is your guy/girl, depends whom you are asking this question.

34. Would you rather like to be caught for a bank robbery that you never did or stay free in fear of being caught for the bank robbery that you did?

This is a false hypothetical situation for the person whom you are asking this question unless he is a robber. This question is going to be a fun and hilarious one.

35. Would you rather want to be 5 minutes early or always be 5 minutes late?

When you ask this question in rapid-fire mode believe it or not the person is going to reply truth 95% of the time. Because the mind will pick what he/she does or wanted to do.

36. Would you rather take the life of someone else for food or stay hungry and die without food?

It’s a deep question if you focus on it. If someone will take life for food that is what animals do and it’s typical behavior of animals. If the person chooses to die without food is more like superhuman behavior which is almost impossible but at least thinking that way will define how a person feel!

37. Would you rather live in wildlife or stay on the streets of our city as homeless?

Focus on the deepness in this question. It’s a very deep question which focuses more on human behavior. The will automatically tell you more about the person.

38. Would you rather live with the same person for life or would you prefer to date a new person daily?

The question is more like The Mind Loyalty test. If someone replies as ” prefer to date a new person” it doesn’t mean he/she will do that, it’s just his/her mind wanted to do (in case if it’s legal and allowed) or you can describe this answer in a word as “fantasy.”

39. Would you rather do a risky business or get a good salary from a permanent job?

If a person is a risk taker, the reply would be a risky business. If the person doesn’t want any trouble and want a peaceful life without doing anything special or hard the answer is going to be a permanent job.

40. Would you rather live alone or live with friends?

Also, ask this question to yourself? What would you do? Asking this to anyone will reveal a lot about the personality of that person.

41. Would you rather want to love others or want to be loved by others?

Yes, a personal choice question some people want others to love them and some want to love others. Both options are equally good. It’s more like knowing someone better.

42. Would you rather marry someone with a child or someone without a child?

If a person is ok with the child, it means that the person is a great personality. It’s a golden quality in any person willing to accept a partner with a child from someone else.

43. Would you rather take someone for dinner to a restaurant or cook food at home?

Those who choose to take you out on dinner are also not bad. Yes, the people putting more efforts to cook at home are unique. They cared about others and wanted to do something for them even if it’s just about preparing food.

44. Would you rather live a whole life without love with someone rich or with someone with love and no money?

It needs to be balanced between money and love in real life, but this question is not a real-life scenario but an extream version of that real life scenario. Winners are the one with someone with love and no money. If some is wishing some rich that is a personal choice and we should respect that as well.

45. Would you rather think twice before taking any decision or do it quickly without thinking much?

To know a person deeply, it’s an exact deep question you need to ask. Just ask it in rapid fire. Rapid fire will help you to get the actual answer.

46. Would you rather save someone life and get killed or save yourself and let the other person get killed?

The question is deep, but still, you can make sense out of it on your own. It’s not that hard to understand so we are not focusing much on that. The answer will automatically give you the vibe you need.

47. Would you rather rob a bank to save someone’s life or let the person die in front of you?

To test the moral values of a person, this is what you need to ask. This deep would you rather question will help you understand that person better. This question is one of the most in-depth questions to test the moral values of a person. Hint: Robbing will cause more damage.

48. Would you rather be alone or surrounded by annoying people?

Nobody likes to be surrounded by annoying people, but is there is no other option? This question is a bit tricky but helps you to analyze the personality of that person.

49. Would you rather not to watch TV/Movies again or stop using social media?

To know the real interest of a person, what that person enjoys more in social media vs. movies/TV. This question will help you a lot in future. Some social media addicts are crazy enough to ruin movies just to Snapchat a stupid story of watching a movie. Instead of watching a movie the main concern is to put a status on those social sites.

50. Would you rather work easily for someone else or work hard for yourself?

If the person wants the ease in life, the choice would be to work for someone else that also shows that the person is not interested in doing anything special. The person also doesn’t have any inclination towards business.

51. Would you rather become rich and hurt people or become poor but help people?

Simple personality test, this question is a personality test question. You have to ask this question in a rapid fire mode. Don’t let that person think much. Get the answer out as quickly as possible to get what is in mind.

52. Would you rather take power to disappear or power to fly?

Both powers are amazing and can help you in different ways. After the answer, you can ask further why you want that power or what you will do with that power, and you can ask more similar questions.

53. Would you rather not take a shower for a month or not use the internet for a month?

The shower is essential if you are thinking of the internet that’s not good. Repeating the sentence just for you that shower is important!

54. Would you rather be handsome/beautiful but stupid or ugly but super smart?

Being stupid is not wise, smart people can do wonders and can even rebuild themselves if they want, but stupid people are unable to do anything at all.

55. Would you rather marry with someone young but bad personality or marry someone older than you but a great personality?

Just a little personal choice question. It’s a deep question, so it requires some thinking, but eventually, it’s a personal choice question so the person will decide the answer.

56. If you get invisible for a day? What would you do first?

It’s hilarious to ask someone this question because you can imagine it yourself as what you can do if you go invisible for a day — no doubt an excellent fun topic to talk about. This is not just a typical fun question, but you can make a lot out of it.

57. If someone runs with speed of light, will he be able to listen to slow tracks?

Just think for a second, it’s a funny thing to talk about with anyone it’s not possible to run with the speed of light but what’s wrong with having fun.

58. Do you consider eyebrows as facial hair?

Stop laughing now; eyebrows are not facial hair right? No, they are facial hair? What are we talking? Yeah, that’s precisely the point of this question. Laugh without making any sense in it.

59. If someone calls an ambulance to save his life and that ambulance hit someone else, now should ambulance stop to save the person got hit?

It’s more like the scenario-based fun question. You can ask this question to anyone from your friend to family or your partner just for the sake of fun. You both are going to laugh hard while disusing this scenario.

60. Why do vegetarians eat the egg? Isn’t it like killing a baby?

Vegetarian complaint about eating meat in any form is wrong, and we all should not consume this for various reasons they give us. If you know any vegetarian, you must ask this question to him/her. Let us know her thoughts on that.


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61. According to science we evolved from monkeys? Then why do we still have monkeys?

Does it make sense to you that we were monkeys? If yes why we still have monkeys? It was just theory that we were monkeys and have nothing to do with the reality of fact. As monkeys resemble us a bit does not mean that we were monkeys. It’s hilarious to talk about this with your friends, family or your partner.

62. How is police going to handcuff a man if he only has one arm?

Again it’s just a scenario based fun question, or you can say a funny scenario. From the question, it’s clear that how someone can handcuff a person with one arm? The answers are going to be funny!

63. If a child can call the police for help from his parents? Why don’t parents have that option?

This question is suitable for parents, primarily people with kids. The question representing the hard time parents go through while taking care of a baby from the time he was born till he can call the police for help from parents. When a baby is born, parents go through many sleepless nights and worries to protect and raise their kid. So, this question is meant to enjoy that struggle of moms.


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64. Suppose you are bald and still want to color your hair, which hair color would you pick and why?

Hahaha, don’t just laugh but ask this question to anyone. It is suitable for both genders because it’s a hypothetical scenario which has nothing to do with reality. So, for the sake of fun this question can be asked to anyone. Just ask this question and laugh.

65. Do vampires exist? If yes, why they only work for Hollywood?

As you know, the last vampire you might have seen was also working in a movie. Vampires exist or not it’s a mystery! And we don’t care if you are a vampire and reading this, do share this question with your friends to laugh. Just kidding! If you are not a vampire, you still can share this question with your friends.

66. As bread is square why sandwich meat is always round?

Why you ever noticed that? Why the meat portion is always round. Why not make it square to have that proper fit in the sandwich. Ask this funny question to your friends.

67. Do noodles have any relation with spaghetti?

This question is not to make any sense, it for fun. Just this fun question to anyone and let him/her think. It’s no doubt a crazy thing to ask anyone.

68. How does a dictionary know his meaning in a dictionary?

Isn’t it cheating? How can a dictionary define his meaning? It’s again a nonsense question, but for the sake of fun, we don’t focus on making sense. Try this question with anyone you want. You will know the power of this question.

69. Why every fast driver is an idiot, and the slow driver is a moron?

Yes, these are common terminologies used for slow and fast drivers on the road. Why the hell we do that? It’s really fun topic to discuss.

70. Is it possible to daydream at night?

Ask this question to yourself as well, is it possible? You might think yes it is possible, But the question remains how? When you dream at night how it can be a daydream? But not a night dream!

71. What is the last name of Satan?

Has anyone in life ever told you that? We only hear the world Satan but what is his last name? It’s a fun question to ask anyone.

72. Why quicksand works so slowly? It should be quick.

We mostly name things with the characteristics they have, then why quicksand works slow? It’s something really interesting. Don’t get fooled by the name of quicksand!

73. How does it make sense for an atheist to swear on the bible when he goes to court?

Whenever someone goes to a court, they take an oath from him/her on the bible, but what if he is an atheist? Have you ever thought about it? If not, ask this exciting and fun question to someone you know well.

74. Do you think an animal can commit suicide too?

Most people don’t know, but they do commit suicide like us humans. You can google a lot about them quickly. The fun part is that most people don’t realize it. So, when you ask about this, they will say no or might start thinking how? Why? Etc.

75. Why vanilla ice cream flavor is whitish when the real vanilla extract is a brownish color.

Do you know when vanilla is extracted it is brownish, but when we see this in the form of ice cream it’s more like whitish in the shade. This happens because vanilla extract used in the mixture is in very low quality, so it melts with the color of the product. So When they form ice cream with milk and stuff they vanilla extract mixed in the mixture is of a very limited quantity that it doesn’t show any prominent color in flavor.

76. If plants are living beings, do they get stomach pain when they overeat?

It’s just a fun question so don’t try to make sense out of it. As we humans get pain in the stomach for overeating of food, the question is making fun of the fact that we both are living beings, so is it possible?

77. If a doctor gets a heart attack while operating someone for heart attack, would other doctors start to work him or the patience?

This question works best when you have nothing specific to talk about. If you are in the mood to have some fun with anyone use this question. This question nothing to do with the real situation. Don’t make it serious when you ask this question to anyone. Try to make it more fun by adding the fun element to the answer.

78. How can a blood group be negative, when a person is positive?

It all depends upon how you ask this fun question to someone. You can easily ruin this question if you are a serious personality. If you can find the humor in question trust me you both can laugh hard.

79. Does it make any sense to sterilize lethal injection?

No, literally I also wanted to ask this question to you as well, does it make sense? Do they need to sterilize a lethal injection if it is supposed to kill? You don’t know! Don’t worry it’s just a fun question you don’t have to dig deep down in science.

80. People say money does not grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?

Just a stupid fun question to laugh at basic things without trying too hard. If you are not in the mood to make a complex joke just use this question you both will laugh hard.


What deep questions do?

These questions will help you analyze the person without actually asking them directly about how they behave in real life. These questions help you explore people on a different level, which is not possible with regular questions.

Our Purpose?

We are here to help people to communicate better. In today’s world, people lack the confidence to talk because of many factors which include social networks. Although these social networks helped people to have rapid or you can say fast communication, it also limits them to rely entirely on those networks.
You can quickly improve communication skills in different ways. One of the easiest ways is to ask questions. The “asking question” can help you to have a conversation with anyone. If you want to know someone before getting into a relationship with them, you must ask them questions.

What kind of question should you ask?

You can ask different types of questions which includes funny, random or personal questions. The purpose of asking is to have a conversation with someone you want. If you can handle fun, it’s preferable to ask them the funny questions. It all depends upon the situation.

How to start a conversation?

Think of it as if you are talking with someone who is a serious personality. You should not start with funny questions. Most of the people enjoy fun even if they are not funny, but you have to analyze the person to have better communication. If you never had any conversation with the person you desperately want to talk. Start with basic questions. “Hi, How are you?”.

When you get used to it, the other person will also feel comfortable with you around asking basic questions. Now you can add more types of questions to have a proper discussion. You can add funny questions, weird question or even random questions. Don’t fake things, try to stay natural all the time.

Introduction to Questions to ask a Girl

Couple on personal questions to ask a guy
Couple on personal questions to ask a guy

When you are guy especially the shy guy, you don’t know what you should ask a girl. You might be thinking to ask some stupid study related questions but keep in mind, it’s not going to work. She is going to have a study based relationship with you.
It’s critical, things that you are discussing with her will decide how you both are going to communicate in future. It’s not good because you might end up having a weird kind of relationship with her. We are here to help you, so we wrote all possible questions to help you communicate better with her.

Top Random Questions To ask a Girl:

It’s never been easy talking to a girl, so we prepared some top random questions that you can ask to a girl. In a situation when you want to talk to someone, especially a girl whom you want to be your friend or one you want to know a little bit better. But when you want to talk to her, your mind is blank about what to ask her. Now the question arises how to make the conversation interesting and long lasting? Don’t worry; we have a list of questions you can ask a girl. Our questions are simple and engaging, and some question can make the conversation more exciting and deep. Let’s start our list of random questions to ask a girl.  Read More.

50 Best Questions To Ask A Girl:

What are some Best Questions to Ask a Girl? If you are looking for answer you are on right website. will help you get some best questions to ask a girl you like.

We will know a fast way to interact with any girl you want. You might be confused because you don’t know what exactly to ask a girl. Don’t worry you are in safe hands now.

For the 90% of men first interaction is the most difficult task, they don’t know how to actually start or keep the conversation. Even if a guy ask some random question he might get a Yes, No or Hmm in return. All you need is good collection of questions.  Read More.

Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl:

Guys are mostly confused about having a conversation with girl. The confusion increases when they try to talk to their crush. The easy way is to ask her some interesting questions. For asking such questions you must read our list of interesting questions to ask a girl. Not every girl is same, try reading all the questions and only use the relevant one. Choose those that you think are good for your girl.

We crafted these questions with our deep interest in human behavior and psychology. We know girl’s mind and that’s how we designed these questions to trigger her mind. Read More.

Funny questions to ask a girl:

So we created a list of funny questions to ask a girl. Believe it or not but it’s the right way to talk to a girl. Most of the girls prefer to talk to someone funny, so be that guy. Ask her these funny questions and have your conversation full of fun and joy. We smartly created these questions so that you don’t have to be a funny guy by nature. Even if you are someone with decent look or guy called as a serious personality you can still use these questions in your conversations. Read More.

20 Questions to ask a girl:

We have create a list of 20 questions to ask a girl. In this 20 questions list we will provided you the best questions to ask a girl. If you want to know her better you must ask these questions to her. Remember you don’t have to ask every question written below. You have to choose the right questions according to your girl. Be confident and ask the given questions that you feel are suitable for her. Read More!

Deep questions to ask a girl:

For some guys it’s very difficult to talk to girls. Asking deep questions to girls may help you. We have create a list of deep questions to ask a girl. These questions really trigger girls mind. She will automatically try to answer these deep questions asked by you. Obviously don’t ask all these given questions. Try to select questions according to your girl. We don’t know your girl. So, it’s up to you to choose which ones are better for her. Initially it’s hard to start a conversation with a girl. Once she start talking it’s same like unstoppable movie; a nonstop train talking without any break! Read More.

21 Questions game for girls:

This is simple question based game know as 21 questions to ask a girl. Trust us you will know what makes her happy. She will tell you about everything that makes her happy in life. These questions will resolve all your problems for future as you know what makes her happy. Read more.

Good questions to ask a girl:

So, we crafted some really good questions to ask a girl. We know it’s not easy for guys specially; if they are shy ones.  Asking questions is one of the way to keep the conversation long as much as you want. But for that you need to have good collection of questions.

You might be looking to know a girl bit better or need to ask her some questions. You must be tired, if you were just talking to her randomly and short small talks. Don’t worry is here to help you. Read More.

Top 10 Questions to ask a girl:

Ever started a conversation, that ends in seconds? This happened to you because you don’t know what questions to ask a girl. Here we prepared a list of questions that will help you to keep the conversations as long as you want with any girl that you like. Read More.


Introduction to Questions to ask a Guy

Argument on deep questions
Argument on deep questions

Now we know like guys, girls also need help. Girls are more nervous than guys. It’s not easy to walk up to a guy and start having a strong, meaningful conversation. As we wrote questions to for guys to help them have a proper conversation with girls, we also wrote for girls to have a conversation with guys. If you are a girl reading this and want to talk to someone, just read all the articles available in this category. It will help you to have better communication. You can talk with anyone after reading all the articles. We wrote direction and commentary to help you understand the question. You don’t have to memorize these questions. Just go through them and try to ask in your natural flow.

80+ Funny Questions to ask a guy, You both are going to laugh:

Yeah, it’s hard to think funny questions to ask a guy. If you are a funny person than it become bit easy for you but with a serious personality it becomes hard. But don’t worry we have prepared a list of fun questions to ask a guy. These funny questions can be asked to anyone even if you are not a funny girl.

Our questions are serious humor. Means anyone can ask these questions easily but the answers and discussion on these questions will make you laugh. Read More.

21 Questions to ask a guy you like, to know him deeply:

If you want to know each other the best way is to ask questions. Some good, funny or even random questions. It shows that you’re a thoughtful person and also shows other people that you are interested to know more about them. But what questions to ask a guy you like? It’s a bit confusing, but you don’t worry we are here to help you.

What can you possibly ask? What should you not ask to guy you like? Because asking wrong questions can make things worse.  Suppose if you are not a funny person and you are trying to crack some jokes! Read More.

10 Personal Questions to ask a guy, Best Questions to know him:

When you like a guy, you want to know him personally, but you don’t know what should you ask him to know him better. All you need is some personal questions to ask a guy. The personal questions will help you to understand your guy a lot better. Read More.

6 Deep questions to ask your boyfriend:

These are 6 Simрlе but Deep questions tо gо through with Yоur Bоуfriеnd. Asking these questions will help you a lot in future. Every girl must ask these questions to their guy. If you are in a deep relationship with your partner and want to prolong it you must not have any hesitations or doubts about whether you can do this or that in future. So , here are some very serious deep questions that you must ask your boyfriend if you want a long lasting and permanent relationship with him.  Read More.

50 Good Questions To Ask a Guy:

Do you want to break that awkward silence between you and your guy? You need some good questions to ask a guy. Asking him good questions will automatically break your awkward silence. We know guys badly need questions to ask a girl, we thought it will be unfair not to write for girls so we prepared something special for girls. Good questions to ask a guy.

We prepared a very good list of questions, hope you enjoy reading. Read More.

150 Questions to Ask a Guy:

We have created a list of the most wanted questions to ask a guy. These are not just some random questions. These questions to ask a guy are designed specifically to trigger his mind. Handsome guys are not easy to talk. You can start a conversation with any guy you want, all you need is right questions to get started.

We complied some of the best questions to ask a guy. Experts from our team designed these questions in way that they look easy but are very much deep inside. Read More.


Here Are The Rules On How You Can Start A Deep Conversation: 

Here are some rules that you must follow before asking deep questions from our website.

Rule 1: Place and time Matters a Lot

Time and place are significant. Let’s suppose you’re chatting with someone at a mutual friend’s birthday; these deep questions to ask aren’t ideal conversation fodder. However, if you’re on a third date gazing at the stars with a bottle of wine, these conversations can help to make that connection. Knowing where to start a conversation is just as important as knowing how to start a conversation.

Rule 2: You Must Know Your Company

A hangout or your first date is not the best time to start a deep conversation. Keep things simple until you’re confident that you’re comfortable enough to have an in-depth discussion with them, you must also keep in mind that they’re equally as pleased with you.

Rule 3: Body Language is Very Important

deep questions
dream girl on deep questions to ask


Don’t push a person if the person you’re talking with doesn’t feel comfortable with you. Everyone is not willing to open up quickly, and that is completely fine. If someone says, they’re not ready to talk about deep or personal topics. You must not feel offended.

Rule 4: Equally Participate In The Conversation

You are not taking the interview! One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is keeping the conversation one-sided. You must open up to them if you want them to feel comfortable with you. It’s a two-way road. You give, and you take. Deep questions must lead to in-depth discussions.

Rule 5: Use These Deep Questions wisely 

These questions carry a lot of weight. Don’t just fire off one question after the other. Take your time. Ask one, and then use the person’s response to dive deep into the conversation. Don’t just rush to ask a question, listen to the answer, and move on.


Why read from ?

We hope our website will help you out in different situations where you need to ask deep questions to someone in life, we call all such situations deep. We know, it’s important to help you out in those situations. Read different deep questions and have a strong conversation with anyone you want. After reading all the questions you will become the master of conversations. Happy reading!   Team,


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