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10 Deep Questions About Life that Nobody can think!

Deep Questions About Life:

Do you know it’s great to talk about life? We have a lot to know about our life. We need to ask these questions not just to others but also to ourselves. Life is something incredible and have must ask these questions to others and to our own selves. So, let’s just start our list of deep questions about life.


Deep Questions About Life
Deep Questions About Life

1. Is there a life after death?

Scary? Everyone has to die. No one can live infinitely. Have you ever thought about this topic of life after death? Where do we go when we die? There must be something. We must be here for some reason. Many religions believe in life after death. In a religion like Islam they say that life after death is infinite life and this life is temporary.

2. What is the purpose of life?

We must have some purpose. There is no reason for being on earth without any purpose. We are not here just to live and die. What is that purpose? Ask this question to your partner and know his/her views on this topic.

3. If we all have to die why we are living?

Again this question made us think about our life. We know this universal fact that we all are going to die sooner or later than why we are living in this world.

4. Why are we struggling for successful careers when in the end we all have to die?

What is a successful career? Does it even make any sense to be successful in life? Nobody can guarantee life. No insurance company can save you, nor a doctor can help you from death than why we all are struggling for success in this life.

5. How we define life as being good?

Ask this deep question about life to your partner. Even ask this question to yourself. What is a good life for you? are you already living a good life, why you need more? How you are going to decide that your life is good.

6. Why some people are born rich and some born poor?

The one obvious reason is the balance if everyone is born rich who are going to work at construction or who is going to take care of our health. To maintain the balance of this earth this rich and poor thing is essential.

7. Why we do things that we know we should not be doing?

This question will give you an insight into a person. You must know such thoughts of a person before being fully committed to that person. We always want things which we can not achieve or impossible to achieve for us. Rich people are looking for happiness, and poor people are looking for money.

8. Why do we want to be loved by others?

This question is about human nature. Everyone wants to be loved. Human feel bad about being hated. This is a deep question to know more about your partner.

9. How we define what is fair in life?

Nothing feels fair in life; everyone seems to have problems. From president to shopkeeper everyone has his/her own set of problems. It’s not just a question but a topic of conversation. Discuss this topic with anyone.

10. Do you think the soul exist?

It’s a very different topic to talk about. The soul is real. Most of the people believe in this concept and also relate this to life after death. Even when we die our souls remain behind us, leaving our body on earth.

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