261 Deep Questions About Life that Nobody can think!

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Do you know it’s exciting to talk about life? We have a lot to know about our life. We need to ask these questions, not just to others but also to ourselves. Life is something incredible and have must ask these questions to others and our selves. So, let’s just start our list of deep questions about life.


10 Deep Questions About Life:


1. Is there a life after death?

Scary? Everyone has to die. No one can live infinitely. Have you ever thought about this topic of life after death? Where do we go when we die? There must be something. We must be here for some reason. Many religions believe in life after death. In a religion like Islam, they say that life after death is infinite life, and this life is temporary.

2. What is the purpose of life?

We must have some purpose. There is no reason for being on earth without any purpose. We are not here just to live and die. What is that purpose? Ask this question to your partner and know his/her views on this topic.

3. If we all have to die, why are we living?

Again this question made us think about our life. We know this universal fact that we all are going to die sooner or later than why we are living in this world.

4. Why are we struggling for successful careers when, in the end, we all have to die?

What is a successful career? Does it even make any sense to be successful in life? Nobody can guarantee life. No insurance company can save you, nor a doctor can help you from death than why we all are struggling for success in this life.

5. How we define life as being right?

Ask this deep question about life to your partner. You were even asking this question to yourself. What is a good life for you? are you already living a good life? Why you need more? How you are going to decide that your life is good.

6. Why are some people born rich and some born poor?

The one apparent reason is the balance if everyone is born rich who are going to work at construction or who is going to take care of our health. To maintain the balance of this earth, this rich and poor thing is essential.

7. Why we do things that we know we should not be doing?

This question will give you an insight into a person. You must know such thoughts of a person before being fully committed to that person. We always want things that we can not achieve or impossible to accomplish for us. Rich people are looking for happiness, and poor people are looking for money.

8. Why do we want to be loved by others?

This question is about human nature; everyone wants to be loved. Humans feel bad about being hated. It is a deep question to know more about your partner.

9. How we define what is fair in life?

Nothing feels fair in life; everyone seems to have problems. From the president to the shopkeeper, everyone has his/her own set of problems. It’s not just a question but a topic of conversation. Discuss this topic with anyone.

10. Do you think the soul exists?

It’s a very different topic to talk about. The soul is real. Most of the people believe in this concept and also relate this to life after death. Even when we die, our souls remain behind us, leaving our bodies on earth.


Bonus list 10 Deep Questions About life:

bonus deep personal questions about life
bonus deep personal questions about life
  1. How do words get meaning?
  2. What makes you?
  3. What’s mathematics?
  4. Can creatures rationalize and reason?
  5. Will thirst be a thing of the past?
  6. Should someone be punished for crimes they did if they had been profoundly abused as a child?
  7. What’s beauty?
  8. What makes me feel significant?
  9. What disturbs me the most?
  10. Is abortion ever warranted?

28 Deep questions about life and love:

28 Deep questions about life and love
28 Deep questions about life and love
  1. How can it be feasible to feel someone’s pain?
  2. What if death is, in fact, an excellent process that we have been scared of?
  3. What’s is that the foundation of our DNA and cells, there’s nothingness?
  4. Why will people die to their truth? Even if it is not correct?
  5. What’s more comfortable, to hate or to love?
  6. What’s the first thing you would do if you became president? Or want our current president?
  7. Does pride go before the collapse?
  8. Why can something is beautiful and another thing it’s ugly?
  9. What would my life look like when I chased that dream?
  10. Why do we want to love so much?
  11. Why are we the only organisms that do not strive to attain our full potential? How large does a tree grow? As large as it can!
  12. Do we look like us in the afterlife? Or are we merely only a soul?
  13. Do you believe God exists?
  14. Is destiny real?
  15. Do soul mates exist?
  16. Can somebody go through life without telling one lie?
  17. What do you believe he or she is like and thinks about the human race?
  18. Do you believe life exists on other planets?
  19. What if this is all just a fantasy?
  20. Can will exist?
  21. Can you have somebody innocent be murdered for more lives to be saved?
  22. Do you believe in karma or that you’re paying off karma in this lifetime?
  23. If so, what were you in your past life? Occupation? Religious belief?
  24. What’s the one thing in life I need to be remembered by?
  25. Can racism ever completely stop?
  26. What advice could I have given my younger self?
  27. Can we experience anything?
  28. Can we know we’re dead if we are dead?


20 Deep Questions About Life to ask your Boyfriend:

  1. What fantasy have I given up on?
  2. Do you believe that God would be to blame for everything?
  3. What does the world need more of to address a number of it’s biggest problems?
  4. What is one thing I’ve believed that somebody has told me that’s holding me back?
  5. Why are some people victims and others take complete responsibility for their own lives?
  6. Imagine if we walked around and explained what was really on our mind? What will the world look like?
  7. How can inspiration operate? Why are we motivated by other people?
  8. What person or cause would you sacrifice your life for?
  9. What did things look like before the invention of the universe?
  10. Am I trying to make people happy rather than pursuing my goals and dreams?
  11. Would you need to know how you’d die?
  12. What’s more real, matter, or mind?
  13. Why is the sexual impulse the toughest to control?
  14. Can God have a God?
  15. Is pleasure the most important issue to pursue?
  16. Why does money get such a bad name with many limiting beliefs about it?
  17. What is the best bit of advice anyone could be given?
  18. Is it true that you could never honestly know someone?
  19. Why is there something instead of nothing?
  20. Do ideas come or feelings?


24 Deep questions about life funny :

Guy laughing on funny questions to ask a guy
  1. Am I ME even though my entire body regenerates after seven years?
  2. Do you know something when you realize you know nothing?
  3. Can you sin and be bad in paradise and be sent to hell?
  4. Can people leave hell and come to paradise if they’re right?
  5. If you were going to die anywhere in the world, where is it?
  6. Do you believe there’s a transition period between life and the afterlife?
  7. Where do we come from before we were born?
  8. Why do you think animals live shorter lives than people?
  9. What’s one bad event that occurred on the planet that helped us to the better?
  10. Should you reside for the current or more for the possibility of the future?
  11. Should hard workers be paid more? As they’re working very hard?
  12. Are we bound to help the less fortunate?
  13. Is there such a thing as time? Or is it always at this time?
  14. Do you believe aliens wonder what we look like?
  15. Do you believe we’ve been visited by aliens?
  16. Why do you fear death if you don’t know anything about it?
  17. What negative trait do you want to extract from your DNA?
  18. What’s beyond the border of the universe, or do you think it’s infinite?
  19. Why do you feel you’re going to get into heaven? Or hell!?
  20. Am I taking over I’m giving?
  21. Can it be admirable to die for a cause or reside for one?
  22. Is there a grim reaper that escorts you to the other side?
  23. What makes somebody feel in control?
  24. Is it OK to lie to your self or use self-denial to benefit your life?

17 Deep Questions about life to Ask someone:

  1. What if we’re actually living and cursed out punishment here on earth? Rather than lucky to be here.
    Can we choose our genders before we get here?
  2. Imagine if we create our heaven on earth or hell on earth? And there isn’t any actual location for each?
  3. Is it far better to be rich in love and poor in cash? Or bad in love and full of money?
  4. Can we ever really justify war?
  5. Is love at first sight genuine?
  6. How would you plan your own life if you’re the master of your destiny?
  7. What government conspiracies do you believe are real?
  8. Can you have chosen not to be born if given the opportunity?
  9. Why is someone a genius?
  10. Can God sin?
  11. Can the world exist without evil?
  12. What if a kid does not wish to be born?
  13. What is one goal every individual should have?
  14. Can one inspire themselves entirely, or do they always require an outside source?
  15. Can you always have ulterior motives? Or can one act just selfless?
  16. In case you knew one of your loved ones were going to die today, would you tell them?
  17. Should the death penalty be done away with so people have to serve their sentences?

42 Deep questions about life to ask your Boyfriend:

  1. Why do we only get 100 years to live where biblical figures could live for centuries?
  2. Why do people get so up in arms when folks talk about politics, sex, and religion?
  3. Do people have 6th senses?
  4. Can one increase their IQ?
  5. Why can one lose interest in a relationship, and another’s interesting lasts forever?
  6. Should we allow people to commit suicide if they wish to leave this planet?
  7. Why do only people have the freedom to think logically?
  8. Is love the most powerful emotion there is?
  9. What’s the first thought that comes to your mind once you awake?
  10. Is someone born a leader, or can it be developed?
  11. How would you act if you never had to abide by any rules or create a moral compass?
  12. Is voting a privilege rather than a right?
  13. Does God have any limitations?
  14. Is there another chosen one like Jesus or Buddha due to see us again?
  15. Why are drugs prohibited by alcohol other mind-altering substances can be purchased?
  16. Why do laws exist as being 18 to smoke or 21 to drink?
  17. Imagine if you can play God for a single day, what would you do? And what can I do to escape it in the not too distant future?
  18. What made me happy as a kid? And have I been doing enough of that in my life now?
  19. Why do some folks manage criticism better than others?
  20. Do you think in the term do unto others as you would have them done unto you?
  21. Why do people look the way they do?
  22. Does everybody have a larger purpose in this lifetime or just certain individuals?
  23. Has there ever been a time when you did not wish to live anymore?
  24. What is something you would have told your parents to help increase you better?
  25. What subject do you wish you had been taught in school?
  26. What’s science? How can it be best developed?
  27. How would humankind react to finding out that there was life on other planets? Where you headed in a bad or good leadership?
  28. What’s the fastest way to happiness?
  29. What am I capable of?
  30. Why do we settle for less than our real potential?
  31. What is the best way to “Know thyself” or just the best way to get to know yourself better?
  32. Are our feelings so intense because we’ve experienced them lives before this one?
  33. What do you want to inform the future version of yourself?
  34. Need to free speech to have limitations?
  35. Do you believe the pursuit of happiness has and finish?
  36. What innovation do you think about the most beneficial for humankind?
  37. Imagine if fiction novels are non-fiction but known as fiction to keep us believing naive.
  38. Is the placebo effect real or stronger than the real thing?
  39. What if we’re already dead, and this is some type of in-between before our next phase?
  40. Are we all gods because we come out of one?
  41. What’s the most significant moral system?
  42. Where do ideas and feelings come from?

25 Deep questions about life Reddit :

  1. What’s the fear?
  2. Can there be alternative universes?
  3. Does doctrine every answer questions or just post more questions to be answered?
  4. What is the meaning of truth? And is complete truth possible?
  5. Where do fires come from?
  6. Is it morally OK to lie?
  7. Can we communicate with the deceased?
  8. Why can we term the term “falling in love”?
  9. When was it picked that body hair looks great on men but not females? Or go to war to get it?
  10. What if it’s just dark forever when we die?
  11. Imagine if we know we’re dead and we wish to perish from death?
  12. Can you know ALL the answers when they’re enlightened?
  13. Are there ever any guarantees in life?
  14. Does one man’s fact make somebody else’s false?
  15. Can you choose their loved ones before they get to the ground?
  16. Is everything going to help us develop?
  17. What would happen if there was just purely good in this world?
  18. What’s reality? And can it be different for everybody in contrast to where their level of consciousness is?
  19. Do you think Jesus died on the cross, or was it symbolism?
  20. Can money not buy happiness?
  21. Why are white lies more commonly accepted as being OK if honesty is the best policy?
  22. How can we know what is right or wrong?
  23. If you wonder your presence, are you madder or more evolved than people who don’t?
  24. Can God even speak? In that case, why does he not talk to us when we want and need Him?
  25. What’s art?

Deep questions about life that make you think:

  1. Why is somebody only missed when they’re dead or gone?
  2. What’s the worst way you can die?
  3. Does everybody have a soul mate?
  4. Why does a person’s body run hot when a person gets chilly super easily? When all of our core temperatures are the same?
  5. What’s the number that the population will stop growing?
  6. What’ve people who compose alien movies are aliens, and these pictures are based on reality? But interpreted as fake since they’re titled “fiction”?
  7. Why can we suppress ideas instead of just letting thoughts go?
  8. Can the Devil affect how people think or behave?
  9. Can people change?
  10. Do animals have souls?
  11. Why are dogs so great?
  12. Are voodoo dolls real?
  13. Did something happen if no one has seen it?
  14. Is the only way to stop dreading is to do the things you fear?
  15. Why do certain folks annoy us more than others?
  16. Do the planetary positions influence the way we behave?
  17. Are we being watched like we’re at the Truman Show?
  18. Why is one pick good habits over bad habits?
  19. Is self-destruction inevitable?
  20. Are we judged for our sins by God or just we must live with them, and that’s judgment enough?
  21. Why do we participate in so much escapism?
  22. When is someone considered old?
  23. What’s gender?


So there we are, my friends, what I provided you’re technically a list of queries that can not be answered. My definition of doctrine. What was your favorite question? Which one completely blew your mind? Like it was so thought-provoking that it possibly even made you question your presence?

Write your feedback in the comments; thank you.


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