All the Information about the copyright violation. Keep in mind we do take serious notice of all the copyright violations.

If any content on our website belongs to you and you are the owner of that content, contact us in writing for identification and removal of your material.

You have to provide us with all the details and proof of your content. If you are unable to provide all the required documents to prove your claim, we can’t take any action necessary for this. The following information is needed:

1.) Signature of the person who is authorized to act on behalf of the owner, whose rights are being infringed. The signature should be in electronic or physical form.

2.) Clearly identify the areas where the work is being infringed. Correctly mention pages with title and also provide the link of that page from our website.

3.) Also, identify your work which is being infringed on our website. Provide proper web links and detail about your work.

4.) Provide us with all the information required to contact you for this process. Information must include the official email address of the copyright owner along with the person contacting us on behalf of the copyright owner.

5.) Claiming party also have to write us a complete statement which declares that they have strong faith about their claim.

6.) A complete statement with signature either physical or electronic which ensures that the information provided for the claim is accurate and under the penalty of perjury, the claiming party is authorized to contact us on behalf of the actual owner.

You have to send all the information to our DMCA agent at the following email: