The 75 Deep Existential Questions that you must ask!

Deep Existential Questions

Existentialism contains all the questions about life, why, and whether life has meaning? And why we exist? When we look at the existential word, it’s a combination of two words, existence and essence. It’s something about the reasons for existence. These questions include the reason for everything which exists, especially about human life. Mostly, these types of conversations start with deep thought questions. These questions lead you to the reasons for life and death. Sometimes the questions are arises from the other existential questions, and there is no solid answer to an existential question.

Deep Existential Questions
Deep Existential Questions

Deep existential conversation topics:


1. The Apocalyptic Dystopia, which you like the most?

An apocalyptic Dystopia is an imaginary place where everything is as bad as it can be. It’s something about the futuristic stories. There are a lot of fiction stories like Mad Max, the hunger games, a black mirror, and many more. The question shows which he like the most among all of that?

2. Do peoples have the right to be happy, or they need to earn their rights?

This question is about our happiness and encourages us to think about other happiness as well. This question arises some other questions as well, like; can we earn pleasure at any cost? Can we exchange our sorrows with someone else happy? And can we be happy by hurting someone for our happiness?

3. What can you change genetically about the humans to make them the better specie?

This question shows you about futuristic thinking. Maybe you think humans should be long hair and longhand and feet or something else. This question shows the thinking about designer babies in the future.

4. Are humans having some limits in their creativity?       

This is another question that encourages us to think about designer babies. Are some peoples genetically more creative? Can a designer baby genetically more creative than normal?

5. Are the two peoples must have some common things to connect to each other?     

This question shows you about social life. Which are the things which can help to connect with the other peoples? Which are the things which prevent talking with other peoples?

6. Single sentence advice, which you want to give the others about life?

My advice about life is, “Always think about the others which you think about yourself.” So this question generally reflects the thinking of us about the other people and the main thing which we learn from your life.

7. How we know, we are on the right path or not?

How we know when we are doing some right things, it’s not hurting someone else? What can we do if someone is hurting with our things?

8. What is the universal language which helps to better understand each other?

The most common things are helping all humans to understand each other and try to give some happiness to others by implementing these things.

9. What’s come in your mind when you think about the word “Life”?

What do you think about life on earth? What is the purpose of this life? And what encourage you to feel alive? What is the meaning of this world for you?

10. What do you think about the blue sky?

Do you believe the scientific reasons for the blue sky? Is there any power controlling the color of the sky?

11. What do you think about a “Dream”?

Do you believe in dreams? Do dreams come true in life, or are they just thinking of a human?

12. Did you like to use the time travel machine if possible?

Did you like to move into your future or past, if possible? Is there anything you want to change in your past?

Tip: Laughing is a healthy activity to do in a conversation, try these funny questions as well. 

Best Existential questions:


1. What’s your thought about the life journey and end of life?

What is more essential for you to the life journey or the destination? Can you sacrifice something in your life journey?

2. Do you believe in any power greater than humans?

This question shows you believe in God. Is there any power exist which control the entire universe? What happened if we cross the universe?

3. Does a human know everything about wrong and right from its birth?

Is a human intelligent and superior enough from his birth? Are we learning all these things from our parents and society?

4. How can we judge life?

What is the purpose of our life? What is the life span of a human?  Do some creatures have more rights as compared to others? What about the other living things on earth?

5. What is the purpose of your birth?

Why you woke up every day? Is your role is written on this earth, or you have the ability to change it? Why are you living there?

6. Is there any God? What is the nature of God?

Is there any power that exists who knows everything about you? If yes, why He created us? Is God helps us to be happy? If God exists, what he wants from us?

7. Why are we here on this planet?

Is there any purpose in our life, or just lucky, we are on this earth? Is there any other planet where some different life exists?

8. The biggest mistake we are doing as a human?

Are the humans destroying this earth? If yes, what can we do to prevent our earth?

9. Are humans believed in reality or just their perceptions?

What do you think about reality and perception? Are humans are just like computer simulation? Is there any history of humans?

10. When we talk about a human, what do you think; a mind or a body?

Our bodies made up of different tissues, but can our boy dictate us? Is the body can control our thoughts and actions? Is our mind controlling our bodies? Who’s controlling our minds?

11. Do you believe any truth without proof?

Do you believe in your thoughts? Can the rain make any sound which is not heard anyone on this earth?

12. Could you enjoy watching all your previous life?

We all have different types of good and bad habits in our life and made some mistakes in our life. Can you forgive yourself for all these mistakes?

13. What are the most needed things for this word?

Is there anything the world missing now? What is the most needed thing for this word to make it more beautiful?

14. Is there any difference between existing and living?

This question shows your thinking about life. Are you enjoying your life or just passing the days? Is your work is your enjoyment?

15. Are we a part of any bigger system?

Is there any other star system in the universe that has humans? What are the things which bring all these systems to come together?

16. What will happen with us after death?

Are you believe in heaven or hell? Can anything exists which can travel through space with speed greater than the light?

17. Are we punished for our sins on this earth?

Do you believe in heaven and hell? Who will punish us for our sins or give us rewards for our good works?

18. Why people hurt each other on this earth?

Do the peoples have the right to hurt the other peoples for their benefits? Why don’t the peoples learn from the mistakes of the other?

19. What you think, one life period is enough?

Some peoples believe that we have only one life, but some people think we will move from there on any other universe after death. What do you think about the life periods? Is one life is enough for you?

20. What you think others like you more or you like the others more?

Does this question show what you think about yourself and others? It may also show your situation right now.

21. Is suicide defendable in any case?

Should we end our life in any worst case? What do you think about the peoples who committed suicide in your life? Are those peoples right in their decisions?

22. Are all humans equal?

What do you think about the equality of humans? Can money make a difference, when we talk about the equality of humans?

The existential question to ask your Girlfriend:


1. What do you think about the more impressive thing in you?

You can ask this question from your girlfriend with a smile because she is special to you. Maybe she has some different thinking about herself, which doesn’t match your opinion about her, and you are able to know more about your girlfriend.

2. At what moment when you think to let go of something from your life?

This question helps you to maintain your relationship with her. Try to don’t create such moments. But before asking this question creates some environment for existential questions; otherwise, she thinks that you are unsatisfied with her. Also, try these interesting questions on her.

3. When do you know the actual meaning of your life?

We all understand life deeply in different time’s periods of their life in different situations. Mostly these times are some big incidents in anyone’s life. By asking this question, you can share the bad times with your girlfriend.

4. What do you think about humanity? Is it in the right direction or not?

This is more like a fun question. You can explore your girlfriend’s mind about humanity.

5. On what standards you judge yourself?

This is important because the peoples always judge others on the same standard as they judge themselves. Indirectly, you can know about your girlfriend’s standards of judging other peoples. You should also ask these questions to the girl about herself.

6. Which period of your life so far, you think, is the most alive?

This question helps you to know about those moments which give some happiness to your girlfriend.

7. Do you think the soul mates exist in reality?

Work is the main pillar of any relationship; without it, there are always issues in the relationship. Let’s see what are the thoughts of your girlfriend about this?

8. What do you mean by commitment?

Commitment is essential in any relationship; it may be your bad time or good. So try to explain yourself first about the commitment and then ask from your girlfriend.

9. How do you encourage yourself?

It is a Perfect question to know more in-depth about your girlfriend. It’s good to know about those incidents which courage your girlfriend.

10. Do you believe “something is better than nothing”?

This question shows how much satisfy your girlfriend is with her current life. How much determined your girlfriend is?

11. Do you believe that life is nothing without God?

It’s another question to know your girlfriend believes in God.

12. Can we buy anything with money?

This question shows the importance of money near your girlfriend. Can we buy the joy, life, and time with money?

13. Did you relate the religion with violence?

This question indirectly shows you; the belief of your girlfriend on religion. What is the relation between religion and humans near her?

14. What is the harsh truth of your life?

Don’t directly ask this question from your girlfriend. Firstly, try to share your experience and then ask your girlfriend. By knowing that truth, you can try to overcome this reality.

15. What are the best ways for a human to stay happy?

These are the best moments which your girlfriend likes the most. Try to create those moments to strengthen your relationships with your girlfriend.

16. What do you want to do in your remaining life?

This will be the main goal of your girlfriend in her remaining life. Try to create the best ways for your girlfriend to achieve her goal.

17. What is the definition of evil near you?

This question can help you to understand all those things which your girlfriend doesn’t like. You can prevent all those things to strengthen your relationship.


The existential question to ask for thought-provoking:

Here are some of the thought-provoking questions you can ask someone.

1. As we know, life is too short, why we do so many unwanted things?

Is it out of our control to prevent those things? Is it necessary to do those things in life?

2. Do you think the meaning of life is the same for animals and Humans?

Is there any meaning of life for the animals? Are the humans and the animals thinking the same way about life?

3. What do you think about the world without humans?

What do you think about humans on this planet? Are the humans destroying this planet? Are the planet is just due to humans?

4. What you think about life beginning on this planet?

Do you believe the scientist’s observations about this planet? At what point do you think the human being alive?

5. What will happen if the humans are completely gone from this planet?

Are we ending up like the dinosaurs on this planet? Is there any other specie that will come after us?

6. Is a human can explore the depth of this nature?

Is it possible for a human being to understand the depths of this universe? Are we just like the ants who want to explore the whole earth?

7. Is there any complete story of us exist?

Are we just the character of a pre-written story? Don’t we have free wills?

8. What do you mean by a good life?

This question shows what’s essential near you or anyone from you is asking the question. Did he like personal happiness or good relationships?

9. Is it possible to live a life without a lie?

What’s mean of a lie near you? Is a lie is useful is some situation or must speak the truth without thinking about the situation? Ask these questions to yourself.


Bonus Top 15 existential questions to ask:


1. If You Could See Everything That Happened With Your Life Until Today, will you Love It?

Why or why not? You Might Not Be able to change the past; however, It is possible to make a positive potential still.

2. Do You Believe Immortality Is Inherent?

Our atoms will eventually rearrange and shape Something Different — does that imply we exist indefinitely? Can our understanding be mimicked forever in numerous universes?

3. What Is The Difference Between Living And being Present?

This deep question makes you analyze if you are only passing the time until you die or taking advantage of every single day. Go with this deep question to ask, What is the difference between being alive and present.

4. What Are You Currently Part Of?

We are a part of a Society; however, consider humankind as a whole. Then consider lifestyle as a whole. Then the chance of different lives in different universes. Keep going larger until it strikes.

5. Where Do You Believe We Go When We Die?

Can we return to where we were before we were born? Another Dimension? Can we be reincarnated? Can our spirits go to hell or heaven? Everybody knows, but it is fascinating to suppose.

6. Where Would You Believe We Come From?

Do you believe in a creator?  Everything we see around us has a creator, the table, the chair, the laptop, or the mobile you are using is made by someone, then what about us humans?

7. How Do You Know You Aren’t Dreaming at This Moment of Time?

Pinch yourself. Does it work? Just simply pinching help us to wake up from our dream.

8. Do You Believe A Parallel Universe Exists?

If you ask regarding the Milky Way, it would not have an answer. Are we just incapable of knowing the measurements? It’s one of the top deep questions to ask, Do you Believe a parallel world exists.

9. What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Does our life have meaning? It should have a meaning; what is the point of being on this earth if all we have to do is just coast through life.

10. Do We Have A Much Bigger Purpose in Life, which we don’t know?

And when and how we are going to find this out, will we be able to attain it?

11. Where Were You Before You’re Born?

People always wonder what happens after death; however, what About earlier we existed? Were our spirits awaiting our turn?

12. As A Individual Personal Do, You Observe Earth?

What Is our main goal? Is it only to watch the world? How do we see the world?

13. Did Your Brain Work Itself Consciously?

Do you think you have employed your mind to call a memory? Did the Brain exactly store data as it appears? Without a doubt, it’s a deep question to ask, does the human mind work itself? Consciously.

14. If All Your Molecules Are Deconstructed, Teleported On The Other Side of the Planet, And Reconstructed, and Recreated, Are You A Clone? Are You The Exact Same Person?

Likewise, in Case, You Have a car, then you replace each Single bit one by one with equal parts, is it the same car? Or it’s a new car?

15. Does time, A Innovation Of Man, Or A Rule Of Nature?

Is the time a human-made innovation to Keep an Eye on our location in the world? A comparative scale? A calculation of presence? A fourth measurement? Or it’s a motor that averts the world from Remaining inactive? An undefinable occurrence that morphs based on an Unlimited number of variables? A strategy to market watches?


So these were all the Deep Existential Questions that you must ask!

Thank you!

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