20 Deep Questions To ask a Guy Best Friend – Become a conversation Pro!

Deep Questions To ask a Guy Best Friend

Look for some deep questions to ask a guy’s best friend? Don’t worry; we are here and will try our best to help you out. Here is the list of in-depth questions that you can ask your guy friend. We hope this list of questions will help you in getting to know him better.

Deep Questions To ask a Guy Best Friend
Deep Questions To Ask a Guy Best Friend


Question 1: What’s the most fun experience you’ve had?

It’s a lovely question to ask a guy from our list of questions to ask a guy. Why? Because he is going to tell you some of the dumbest experience he had and may claim it as fun. Don’t worry, laugh, or smile.

Question 2: Do you have any weird habit that makes people annoyed by you?

If you are new to him, he is not going to tell you about his bad habits. But he might say to you some good looking bad habits.

Question 3: What food you like the most, and why?

Yes, all guys love to eat good food. Every one has his taste, so we don’t the answer. But this question will help you know about his choice of food.

Question 4: If you can go inside a video game, which game you want to visit, and why?

Even if a guy is not a gamer, he must have played many video games. Guys love video games and enjoy doing things that are not possible in reality. He will enjoy answering this question.

Question 5: What is your best physical feature?

He might reply with a little blush, don’t worry, and enjoy his answer. We don’t know the answer because it is a personal thing for that specific individual.

Question 6: Do you believe in the concept of “Real man”?  Are you consider yourself as “Real man”?

One thing you as a girl must know, what so ever your guy reply he is a real man inside. Real man means he is the king and wants you to be her queen. He doesn’t want you to be his king.

Question 7: Have you ever had any trouble with the law or got arrested for something in the past?

It’s a must question to ask a guy. He might not lie, but he can, depends upon person to person. You must know about his history with law enforcement.

Question 8: Do you like prank videos?

He is going to say yes because guys love to watch comedy, especially pranks. Because pranks are something, they wanted to do with others.

Question 9: Do you think it’s essential to keep up with the news, or should we not care?

There are two types of guys one who doesn’t miss any news, one who doesn’t care about the news. To know his type, you must ask him this question.

Question 10: According to you, what were some of the big mistakes made in history?

It’s just a generic question to know about his interest in history. If he had some interest, he would reply, and if he doesn’t know much about history, he will say straightforwardly say, I don’t know. Don’t use this question as a starter.

Question 11: Do you like waking up early or staying up late?

It’s one of the best questions to know about his habits.

Question 12: Do you prefer staying home or hanging outside?

Some guys love to stay home or do things that are related to staying home e.g., playing video games. On the other hand, some love to move around with friends and have fun.

Question 13: How would you describe me to others?

If you want him to say good things about you, ask him this question. If he is a funny guy, he might make a joke about your question and say thinks that you might not enjoy listening about yourself.

Question 14: What’s the most incredible thing you’ve ever heard about yourself?

He is going to love this question. And he will love to reply.

Question 15: What is that one specific thing that you can do without getting bored?

What he enjoys doing in free times. What kind of activities he prefer to do for the sake of enjoyment.

 Question 16: Which describes your personality with a word e.g., decent, funny, Cool, or naughty?

He will tell you the hidden truth about his personality. He will not lie on such questions.

Questions 17: Do you regret buying something that you liked?

Why he disliked something that he liked before? It happened with us all. We all have faced such a situation from time to time. Why he faced such a problem, his answer will let you know better.

Question 18: How good are you at convincing people?

Only your guy knows the answer to this question. Suppose his argument convinced you that he could convince people. Believe him!

Question 19: Which is your dream car? And why?

If he had the option to pick between his dream car or dream girl, he would prefer a car. Guys are crazy about cars. Don’t worry; this question is to make him happy. He will happily reply to your question.

Question 20: Did you ever regretted after making a decision?

It’s possible and very common. We sometimes make decisions that are not as good as we taught. Asking such a question makes you more close to him.


So these were all the deep questions to ask a guy best friend; we hope this article helped you a lot. Thank you

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