20 Deep Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text – Know her better !

Deep Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text

You must be looking for deep questions to ask a girl over text; texting is easy as compared to one on one talk. People who are afraid to talk in front of other girls go for texting. Don’t worry; we have written some questions that will help you start a conversation with her over text.

Deep Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text
Deep Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text

Here is the list of Questions:

1. Who is your best friend, and where did you guys first meet?

This question is straight forward, and girls love to talk about their best friends. So asking these questions may help you have a long conversation.

2. If you have to define yourself in a sentence? What would be that sentence?

This question is deep, as girls love to describe themselves. Ask these questions, and she will love to answer this.

3. What is that specific thing that you love to do? And why?

We all do different things, and we love some of them and also want to talk about it. Try this. It’s an excellent question to ask her.

4. How you define yourself?

This question is similar to the one with sentence limit. Suppose she is the one who can’t define herself in a sentence. Use this question.

5. Who was your childhood crush?

As a child, we all have someone as a crush. Asking her this question brings a smile to her face. It’s an excellent question to keep the conversation long and fun.

6. What’s your opinion about “White Lies,” we should or not?

Some people take white lies as a joke; some don’t. This question helps you understand her better.

7. Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions?

If you want to know her deeply, ask these questions. New Year resolutions are mostly considered as fun for that specific day, but few people took this matter seriously.

8. If you have all the money that you don’t need to earn more, what would you choose to do all day?

Suppose you want to dig deep down her. It is the question you need what she loves more than money, what she is born to do. This question helps you understand her differently.

9. What’s your opinion about Aliens, do they exist or just fictions?

Is she super realistic or soft inside? Answer to this question helps you understand her more deeply.

10. What is your biggest life goal that you wanted to achieve?

We, humans, love to talk about our life goals. Let the girl express herself more deeply to you. If you are in a hurry, try out reading these ten questions.

11. Do you have any secrets that you wanted to tell me?

IT is not for people who are meeting for the first time. Ask this after few comfortable meetings.

12. What kind of job will never get you bored?

Upon asking, she will tell you what she loves to do.

13. Do you follow any passion in life?

Yes/No doesn’t matter. Whatever she’ll say, she tries to defend herself.

14. What is your worst life experience?

Some experiences in life are the worst, and we never forget them. Girls love to share those moments.

15. If you get a chance to live forever? Would you?

It is such a deep question, and we don’t want to give a direction to it. She will understand it in her way and express herself deeply.

16. What was your childhood dream to become?

As a child, we all have dreams of becoming something. Ask her this question to know her more deeply.

17. Are you still following your childhood dream to become something?

It is not exactly as the above question. This question is looking to know she on track to fulfill her dream.

18. Do you love having many friends are you like just a few close friends?

It’s a deep question that ultimately tells you about her personality. Ask this question to know her better.

19. Which is your dream country to visit?

To know her more deeply, you need to ask such questions. What is her dreamland?

20. Do you like the artwork?

Some people like artwork; some love the artwork and creative things. To know her deeply, this is a must thing to know! Or you can ask her some questions like these questions.


So, these were all the deep questions to ask a girl over text; we hope you enjoyed reading them. Thank you

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