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Funny Deep Questions to Ask that will make you laugh hard

Funny Deep Questions to Ask:

So here are some funny questions to ask your partner. You can use these questions with your friends as well. These are not gender specific you can ask these questions to both male or female friends, partner and anyone to whom you want to talk.

Funny deep questions
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Remember: Don’t ask all these questions, you might need one question but for now read all to get the best one.

1. If you get invisible for a day? What would you do first?

It’s hilarious to ask someone this question because you can imagine it yourself as what you can do if you go invisible for a day — no doubt an excellent fun topic to talk about. This is not just a typical fun question, but you can make a lot out of it.

2. If someone runs with speed of light, will he be able to listen to slow tracks?

Just think for a second, it’s a funny thing to talk about with anyone it’s not possible to run with the speed of light but what’s wrong with having fun.

3. Do you consider eyebrows as facial hair?

Stop laughing now; eyebrows are not facial hair right? No, they are facial hair? What are we talking? Yeah, that’s precisely the point of this question. Laugh without making any sense in it.

4. If someone calls an ambulance to save his life and that ambulance hit someone else, now should ambulance stop to save the person got hit?

It’s more like the scenario-based fun question. You can ask this question to anyone from your friend to family or your partner just for the sake of fun. You both are going to laugh hard while disusing this scenario.

5. Why do vegetarians eat the egg? Isn’t it like killing a baby?

Vegetarian complaint about eating meat in any form is wrong, and we all should not consume this for various reasons they give us. If you know any vegetarian, you must ask this question to him/her. Let us know her thoughts on that.


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6. According to science we evolved from monkeys? Then why do we still have monkeys?

Does it make sense to you that we were monkeys? If yes why we still have monkeys? It was just theory that we were monkeys and have nothing to do with the reality of fact. As monkeys resemble us a bit does not mean that we were monkeys. It’s hilarious to talk about this with your friends, family or your partner.

7. How is police going to handcuff a man if he only has one arm?

Again it’s just a scenario based fun question, or you can say a funny scenario. From the question, it’s clear that how someone can handcuff a person with one arm? The answers are going to be funny!

8. If a child can call the police for help from his parents? Why don’t parents have that option?

This question is suitable for parents, primarily people with kids. The question representing the hard time parents go through while taking care of a baby from the time he was born till he can call the police for help from parents. When a baby is born, parents go through many sleepless nights and worries to protect and raise their kid. So, this question is meant to enjoy that struggle of moms.


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9. Suppose you are bald and still want to color your hair, which hair color would you pick and why?

Hahaha, don’t just laugh but ask this question to anyone. It is suitable for both genders because it’s a hypothetical scenario which has nothing to do with reality. So, for the sake of fun this question can be asked to anyone. Just ask this question and laugh.

10. Do vampires exist? If yes, why they only work for Hollywood?

As you know, the last vampire you might have seen was also working in a movie. Vampires exist or not it’s a mystery! And we don’t care if you are a vampire and reading this, do share this question with your friends to laugh. Just kidding! If you are not a vampire, you still can share this question with your friends.

11. As bread is square why sandwich meat is always round?

Why you ever noticed that? Why the meat portion is always round. Why not make it square to have that proper fit in the sandwich. Ask this funny question to your friends.

12. Do noodles have any relation with spaghetti?

This question is not to make any sense, it for fun. Just this fun question to anyone and let him/her think. It’s no doubt a crazy thing to ask anyone.

13. How does a dictionary know his meaning in a dictionary?

Isn’t it cheating? How can a dictionary define his meaning? It’s again a nonsense question, but for the sake of fun, we don’t focus on making sense. Try this question with anyone you want. You will know the power of this question.

14. Why every fast driver is an idiot, and the slow driver is a moron?

Yes, these are common terminologies used for slow and fast drivers on the road. Why the hell we do that? It’s really fun topic to discuss.

15. Is it possible to daydream at night?

Ask this question to yourself as well, is it possible? You might think yes it is possible, But the question remains how? When you dream at night how it can be a daydream? But not a night dream!

16. What is the last name of Satan?

Has anyone in life ever told you that? We only hear the world Satan but what is his last name? It’s a fun question to ask anyone.

17. Why quicksand works so slowly? It should be quick.

We mostly name things with the characteristics they have, then why quicksand works slow? It’s something really interesting. Don’t get fooled by the name of quicksand!

18. How does it make sense for an atheist to swear on the bible when he goes to court?

Whenever someone goes to a court, they take an oath from him/her on the bible, but what if he is an atheist? Have you ever thought about it? If not, ask this exciting and fun question to someone you know well.

19. Do you think an animal can commit suicide too?

Most people don’t know, but they do commit suicide like us humans. You can google a lot about them quickly. The fun part is that most people don’t realize it. So, when you ask about this, they will say no or might start thinking how? Why? Etc.

20. Why vanilla ice cream flavor is whitish when the real vanilla extract is a brownish color.

Do you know when vanilla is extracted it is brownish, but when we see this in the form of ice cream it’s more like whitish in the shade. This happens because vanilla extract used in the mixture is in very low quality, so it melts with the color of the product. So When they form ice cream with milk and stuff they vanilla extract mixed in the mixture is of a very limited quantity that it doesn’t show any prominent color in flavor.

21. If plants are living beings, do they get stomach pain when they overeat?

It’s just a fun question so don’t try to make sense out of it. As we humans get pain in the stomach for overeating of food, the question is making fun of the fact that we both are living beings, so is it possible?

22. If a doctor gets a heart attack while operating someone for heart attack, would other doctors start to work him or the patience?

This question works best when you have nothing specific to talk about. If you are in the mood to have some fun with anyone use this question. This question nothing to do with the real situation. Don’t make it serious when you ask this question to anyone. Try to make it more fun by adding the fun element to the answer.

23. How can a blood group be negative, when a person is positive?

It all depends upon how you ask this fun question to someone. You can easily ruin this question if you are a serious personality. If you can find the humor in question trust me you both can laugh hard.

24. Does it make any sense to sterilize lethal injection?

No, literally I also wanted to ask this question to you as well, does it make sense? Do they need to sterilize a lethal injection if it is supposed to kill? You don’t know! Don’t worry it’s just a fun question you don’t have to dig deep down in science.

25. People say money does not grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?

Just a stupid fun question to laugh at basic things without trying too hard. If you are not in the mood to make a complex joke just use this question you both will laugh hard.

My Conclusion on Funny, deep Questions:

Look, it’s entirely up to you how you ask these questions. If you are asking these question in a serious tone without smiling nobody is going to laugh. Yes, you can stay decent and clam while cracking jokes but you have to practice this before executing on someone special. Just remember don’t try to crack jokes with a serious face!

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