Deep Would You Rather Questions, Best for this Game

Deep would you rather questions

Would you rather be an all-time favorite game played all over the world? People love such questions because they don’t have to think much about these questions as you have two options to choose from. It’s a fascinating deep question based would you rather game.

“Would you rather” is a conversation or party game that poses a dilemma in the form of a question beginning with “would you rather”. The dilemma can be between two supposedly good options, such as, “Would you rather have the power of flight or the power of invisibility?”, two attractive choices such as “Would you rather have money or have fame?”, or it can be between two supposedly bad options, for example, “Would you rather sleep with your best friend’s lover or your lover’s best friend?” The players, sometimes including the questioner, then must choose their answers. Answering “neither” or “both” is against the rules. This leads the players to debate their rationales.

Deep would you rather questions
Deep would you rather questions.

Here is the list of Top 25 Would you Rather Questions.

25 Would You Rather Questions:


1. Would you rather be able to see your 10 minutes in the future or 10 minutes in the future of someone else?

Who doesn’t want to see the future, but the catch in this question is about you are more curious about your future or future of others. It is a fascinating question in which would you rather. It would be best if you tried this question for your friend and family.

2. Would you rather want to be famous when alive or when you are dead?

This question requires you to think, but the game doesn’t allow you to overthink as you have only two options. But the main catch in this question is more about two very main ideas. If you are alive and you are famous you will enjoy it, but if you are dead and people still know you, it’s something big but what matters to you is essential. That’s what we are trying to retrieve with this question.

3. Would you rather like to stay hungry for four days or eat every 4 minutes?

Both are complicated things and almost impossible to do, but you can stay alive by staying four days hungry, but it’s impossible to eat every 4 minutes. The question will help you to know how smart is your guy/girl, depends whom you are asking this question.

4. Would you rather like to be caught for a bank robbery that you never did or stay free in fear of being captured for the bank robbery that you did?

It is a false hypothetical situation for the person whom you are asking this question unless he is a robber. This question is going to be a fun and hilarious one.

5. Would you rather want to be 5 minutes early or always be 5 minutes late?

When you ask this question in rapid-fire mode, believe it or not, the person is going to reply truth 95% of the time because the mind will pick what he/she does or wanted to do.

6. Would you rather take the life of someone else for food or stay hungry and die without food?

It’s a deep question if you focus on it. If someone will take life for food, that is what animals do, and it’s the typical behavior of animals. If the person chooses to die without food is more like superhuman behavior, which is almost impossible, but at least thinking that way will define how a person feels!

7. Would you rather live in wildlife or stay on the streets of our city as homeless?

Focus on the deepness in this question. It’s a very deep question that focuses more on human behavior. The will automatically tell you more about the person.

8. Would you rather live with the same person for life, or would you prefer to date a new person daily?

The question is more like The Mind Loyalty test. If someone replies as” prefer to date a new person” it doesn’t mean he/she will do that, it’s just his/her mind wanted to do (in case if it’s legal and allowed) or you can describe this answer in a word as “fantasy.”

9. Would you rather do a risky business or get a good salary from a permanent job?

If a person is a risk-taker, the reply would be a risky business. If the person doesn’t want any trouble and wants a peaceful life without doing anything special or hard, the answer is going to be a permanent job.

10. Would you rather live alone or live with friends?

Also, ask this question to yourself? What would you do? Asking this to anyone will reveal a lot about the personality of that person.

11. Would you rather want to love others or want to be loved by others?

Yes, a personal choice question some people want others to love them, and some want to love others. Both options are equally good. It’s more like knowing someone better.

12. Would you rather marry someone with a child or someone without a child?

If a person is ok with the child, it means that the person is a great personality. It’s a golden quality in any person willing to accept a partner with a child from someone else.

13. Would you rather take someone for dinner at a restaurant or cook food at home?

Those who choose to take you out on dinner are also not bad. Yes, the people putting more effort into cooking at home are unique. They cared about others and wanted to do something for them, even if it’s just about preparing food.

14. Would you rather live a whole life without love with someone rich or with someone with love and no money?

It needs to be balanced between money and love in real life, but this question is not a real-life scenario but an extreme version of that real-life scenario. Winners are the ones with someone with love and no money. If some are wishing some rich, that is a personal choice, and we should respect that as well.

couple playing Deep would you rather game
couple playing Deep would you rather game

15. Would you rather think twice before taking any decision or do it quickly without thinking much?

To know a person deeply, it’s an exact deep question you need to ask. Just ask it in rapid-fire. Rapid-fire will help you to get the actual answer.

16. Would you rather save someone’s life and get killed or save yourself and let the other person get killed?

The question is deep, but still, you can make sense out of it on your own. It’s not that hard to understand, so we are not focusing much on that. The answer will automatically give you the vibe you need. Want to go deeper? Try asking yourself some existential questions.

17. Would you rather rob a bank to save someone’s life or let the person die in front of you?

To test the moral values of a person, this is what you need to ask. This deep would you rather will help you understand that person better. This question is one of the most in-depth questions to test the moral values of a person. Hint: Robbing will cause more damage.

18. Would you rather be alone or surrounded by annoying people?

Nobody likes to be surrounded by annoying people, but is there is no other option? This question is a bit tricky but helps you to analyze the personality of that person.

19. Would you rather not watch TV/Movies again or stop using social media?

To know the real interest of a person, what that person enjoys more in social media vs. movies/TV. This question will help you a lot in the future. Some social media addicts are crazy enough to ruin movies just to Snapchat, a stupid story of watching a movie. Instead of watching a movie, the main concern is to put a status on those social sites.

20. Would you rather work efficiently for someone else or work hard for yourself?

If the person wants the ease in life, the choice would be to work for someone else that also shows that the person is not interested in doing anything special. The person also doesn’t have any inclination towards business.

21. Would you rather become rich and hurt people or become poor but help people?

Simple personality test, this question is a personality test question. You have to ask this question in a rapid-fire mode. Don’t let that person think much. Get the answer out as quickly as possible to get what is in mind.

22. Would you rather take power to disappear or power to fly?

Both powers are incredible and can help you in different ways. After the answer, you can ask further why you want that power or what you will do with that power, and you can ask more similar questions.

23. Would you rather not take a shower for a month or not use the internet for a month?

The shower is essential if you are thinking of the internet, that’s not good. Repeating the sentence just for you that shower is critical!

24. Would you rather be handsome/beautiful but stupid or ugly but super smart?

Being stupid is not wise, smart people can do wonders and can even rebuild themselves if they want, but stupid people are unable to do anything at all.

25. Would you rather marry someone young but bad personality or marry someone older than you but a great character?

Just a little personal choice question. It’s a deep question, so it requires some thinking, but eventually, it’s a personal choice question so the person will decide the answer.

26. Would you rather be a famous multimedia artist or Street performer?

This question is to know more about the perspective of little things from a person’s point of view. He might want to be a famous artist like Raul de Nieves or a regular unknown street artist why the person chooses any of these.

27. Would you rather be a funny or severe person for your entire life?

It’s a wired would you rather questions. If Why the person will choose any of these options. Why be funny all the time or remain serious. It will open a lot about that person.


Quick Tip:

In this, would you rather game you have to remember questions? Why? Because it’s a game without any further long conversations. You can choose a minimum of 10 questions. After asking those questions, you should laugh or talk about the answers. It’s not like you have to fake laugh, but you can laugh in between questions depending upon the situation.


In case you forget your questions, try to make it up to own your own. Don’t hang in conversation as it will make it awkward instead of fun. So always focus more on the meaning of question instead of just remembering them word to word. We hope you enjoyed our post. Read more deep questions & give us your feedback in comments.

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