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Sports is the perfect and very entertaining part of everyone’s life. Everybody has grown up by playing and watching a different kind of sports. When maximum people have grown up, they usually forget the different important events related to sports. But the sports trivia questions is the best way to know about the different sports-related events.

Sports trivia questions are the best way to learn about sports. Moreover, it’s the best way to open your mind. These questions are perfect for remembering your old memories, as well. So the below questions are perfect for all kinds of sports lovers around the world.


1. The first home football international was played in 1877, which is the first country that played?

The country’s name is wales.

2. After how many years’ Olympics held?

The Olympics held every four years.

3. What is the diameter of the basketball hoop?

The basketball hoop is 18 inches/1.5 feet in diameter.

4. What is the size of the swimming pool in the Olympics?

The Olympics swimming pool is 50 meters in length and 25 meters in width.

5. A volleyball player in the USA won three gold medals, what is the name of this player?

The player’s name is “Karch Kiraly.”

6. What is the height of the basketball hoop from the ground?

The basketball hoop is at the 10 feet height from the ground.

7. What is the weight of baseball?

The baseball weight is between 142g to 149g.

8. What is the circumference of the baseball?

The baseball circumference is between 9 to 9.25 inches.

9. Which sport is a copy of “king of Sports”?

Soccer is completely a copy of King of Sports.

10. In which game the women compete in the Olympics?

The women compete in tennis.

11. What is the name of Canada’s national sport?

Canada’s national sport is “Lacrosse.”

12. How many players on the baseball team?

The baseball team has a total of nine players.

13. What type of ball in the basketball game was used earlier?

The soccer ball is used earlier in this game.

14. Which ball is used in the baseball game earlier?

The soccer ball is used earlier in a baseball game.

15. On a standard British dartboard, what is the next number after 20?

The next number is 1.

16. Which country mostly dominates in the basketball game in Olympic?

The United States of America dominate the basket basketball in Olympic.

17. What is the number between 5 and 9 in the British dartboard?

The number is 12.

18. What is the name of the African country, which firstly qualifies for the World Cup?

The first African country is Egypt.

19. In which country the San Siro Stadium is located?

The San Siro Stadium is located in Italy.

20. What is the timing of an average baseball game?

The total action timing in a baseball game is 18 minutes.

21. Which country takes part in the Olympics for maximum time without winning any gold medal?

The Philippines take part in Olympics for maximum time without winning.

22. Which country takes part in the Olympics for maximum time without winning any medal?

The country’s name is “Liechtenstein”.

23. In the history of tennis, what is the maximum timing for a point?

The maximum timing for a point in tennis is “29” minutes.

24. In which city of Italy the stadium “San Siro Stadium” located?

This stadium is located in Milan city in Italy.

25. In the Beijing Olympics of 2008, how many medals won by china?

China won 100 medals in the Beijing Olympics.

26. Some games of the Olympics are also held in those countries that don’t even exist now. What is the number of those games?

There are three games.

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27. In which year there is no baseball World Series held?

Baseball World Series not held in 1994.

28. Why the baseball World Series not held in 1994?

It’s due to the player’s strike.

29. What is the name of that player who only participated in the Wild card in Wimbledon?

The player’s name is “Goran Ivanisevic.”

30. There is only one team in NFL that neither host nor play the Super Bowl. What is that team?

The team is “Cleveland Browns.”

31. What are the two that don’t yet send their teams in NCAA?

The two states are “Alaska and Maine.”

32. Who is number seven in table tennis in 1980?

Britain Desmond Douglas was number seven in the 1980s.

33. Which country won the first World Cup of Football?

“Uruguay” won the first World Cup.

34. Which country played each and every World Cup so far?

“Brazil” played each and every World Cup so far.

35. What is the real name of Dr. J?

The real name of Dr. J is Julius Erving.

36. What is the name of the first player of the NBA, who scores 2000points in a single season?

The player’s name is “George Yardly.”

37. In the NBA basketball game, from how many personal fouls a player can be ejected?

A player can eject from six personal fouls.

38. What is the name of the player, who scores 10,000 points in the regular season in the 20th century?

The player’s name is “Kobe Bryant’.

39. In the open Era, who is the youngest winner of the lady’s single title?

The winner is “Martina Hingis’.

40. Which African country qualifies for the football cup first?

“Egypt” qualify firstly in the football world cup.

41. The Spanish usually played Football on which day of the week?


42. Who won the silver in the 100-meter race in 1988?

“Linford Christie” won the silver medal in 1988.

43. Who won the gold in the 100-meter race in 1992?

“Linford Christie” won the gold medal in 1992.

44. In the 1978 FA cup, which Suffolk side won the title?

“Ipswich” won the title in 1978.

45. Which side was the runner up in the 1966 World Cup?

“West Germany” was the runner up.

46. Who won the British championship of Golf?

“Ben Hogan” won the golf championship.

47. What is the name of the player who won the Wimbledon men’s single in 1991?

“Michael Stich” won the Wimbledon men’s single in 1991.

48. Who is the current best of men’s double in tennis in America?

The current best Tennis duo is “Bryan Brothers.”

49. In which year the first Wimbledon tennis tournament held?

The first tournament was held in 1877.

50. In which year of Olympics the Bruce Jenner won the gold medal?

In the year “1976.”

51. Which player played the 20 seasons of Basketball?

“Kareem Abdul Jabbar played 20 seasons of Basketball.

52. Who was the winner of the Wimbledon tennis tournament of 1985?

“Boris Becker” was the winner in 1985.

53. How many seasons played by Michael Jordan with Chicago Bruce?

13 seasons.

54. In which country the Kyrie Irving was born?

Kyrie Irving was born in “Australia.”

55. What was the age of Bruce Becker when he won the 1985 Wimbledon tournament?

The Bruce Becker age was only 17 years.

56. According to the Australian rules, how many players of a Football team?

11 players.

57. What is the rugby club name for which the legend martin Johnson played?

Leicester club.

58. What is the name of the coach who won the Rose Bowl and Super Bowl titles?

“Dick Vermeil” won both titles.

59. For which team Stephen Curry’s father played professional Basketball at the end of his career?

Stephen Curry’s played for Toronto Raptors.

58. In the 2000 season, which player scores most points in a single game?

“Shaquille O’Neal” scores the most points.

59. Which team of the NFL was originally called the “New York Titans”?

New York Jets.

60. What is the name of the player who rushes for 1000 yards in a single season?

“Beattie Feathers” rush for 1000 yards in a single season.

61. Who has the best rookie passer rating in the whole history of the NFL?

The player’s name is “Dak Prescott.”

62. Which country won the maximum number of football world cups?

“Brazil” won the most football world cups.

63. In the football world cup of 1999 final, who was the best player of the match?

“Ronaldo” is the best player in the final.

64. Name the only Pakistani who won the doubles tennis final of the US open?

Aisam Ul Haq with Rohan Bipana.

65. What is the name of the Muslim player, who is known for the Godfather of Boxing?

“Muhammad Ali” is known for boxing god Father.

66. What is the name of the champion boxer of Ukraine?

“Wladimir Klitschko” is the champion boxer of Ukraine.

67. What is the name of the team that won the 1980’s World Series?

“The Long Angeles Dodgers.”

68. Which team won the first game of night football?

The team’s name is “Philadelphia Athletics.”

69. One player of the NFL changed his name according to his jersey name, what is the name of that player? 

“Chad Johnson” changed his name.

70. What is the name of the first gay player, who drafted for the NFL team?

Michael Sam.

71. What is the name of the team who drafted the gay player “Michael Sam”?

The team name is “St. Louis Rams”.

72. Which material is first used to cover the baseball?

The “Cowhide” is used firstly for baseball.

73. What is the name of the tennis player who won the four grand slam events for at least four times?

The team name is “Steffi Graf”.

74. Who won the most number of tournaments in tennis?

“Roger Federer” won the most number of tennis titles.

75. How many tournaments won by roger Federer so far?

20 tournaments.

76. Who has the longest streak of single wining in Squash?

“Jahangir khan” has the longest streak of winnings.

77. From which country Jahangir Khan belongs too?

Jahangir khan belongs to Pakistan.

78. In which temperature, the coldest game of the NFL played?

The coldest game of NFL played in -13 degree temperature.

79. Which game of NFL was firstly on aired on TV?

The game is between “Philadelphia Eagles vs. The Brooklyn Dodgers”.

80. In the 2000s, which player was the Godfather of the Golf?

The player’s name is “Tiger Woods.”

81. Which is the national game of Brazil’s?

Brazil’s national game is “Football.”

82. Who was the last player of the NHL who doesn’t use the helmet in his career?

“Craig McTavish” doesn’t use the helmet in his career.

83. Which country played every World Cup of soccer?

“Brazil” played every World Cup.

84. In which year Africa qualify for the soccer World Cup?

Africa qualified in 1934.

85. Which move is banned in Basketball from 1967 to 1976?

The name of the movie is the “Slam Dunk” move.

86. Which US player won the three Olympic gold medals in volleyball game?

The player’s name is “Karch Kiraly.”

87. Which player firstly failed for the drug test of the Olympics?

The player name is “Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall.

88. List any two terms which are commonly used in the Snowboarding game?

Stale fish and Mule kick.

89. In the game of snooker, which is the maximum break that a player can get?

The maximum break is 155.

90. When we talk about horse racing, what is Yankee?

The Yankee means the eleven individual bets.

91. What is the name of the athlete who won the sportsman of the year award twice?

The athlete’s name is “Tiger Woods.”

92. In which year, the first US open for gold is held?

In “1977.”

93. What is the number of referees in a football match on the ground?

Only one referee.

94. From which states the Usain Bolt belongs?

Usain Bolt belongs to “Jamaica.”

95. What is the name of the Boxer who won from Mike Tyson?

The Boxer’s name is “Buster Douglas.”

96. How many nationalities the Boxer Muhammad Amir have?

Two nationalities.

97. What are the two countries which the Muhammad Amir boxer have nationalities?

England and Pakistan.

98. Which game doesn’t have any clock time in the USA?

The game’s name is “Baseball.”

99. Which game has the longest ground in the area?

“Polo” has the longest area.

100. What is the maximum time in Golf to find a lost ball?

The time is only 5 minutes.

101. What is the name of the club from which David Beckham ended his career?

The club’s name is “Paris Saint- Germain.”

102. In which country the 2008 Olympics held?

2008 Olympics held in China.

103. What is the name of the player who won the 2013 master tournament of Golf?

The player’s name is “Adam Scott.”

104. How many holes are there in an open contest of the golf championship?

The number of holes in the open contest is “72”.

105. What is the name of the coach who has won the most number of super bowls?

The coach’s name is “Chuck Nolls.”

106. What is the year when the youngest person won in the federation Cup?

In “1996.”

107. What is the name of that youngest person?

The person’s name is “Anna Kournikova.”

108. In the 1970s, which team won the Super Bowl with the biggest margin?

The team is “Oakland Raiders.”

109. In the 1992 Rider Cup, who was the captain of the US team?

The captain was “Dave Stockton.”

110. When do we talk about the William sisters, who won the most number of gram slam titles?

“Serena William” won the most titles.

111. What is the name of the Boxer, who firstly defeat Muhammad Ali in professional boxing?

“Joe Frazier.”

112. How many winning racers belong to the UK?

There is 10 number of winning racers from the UK.

113. In which Wimbledon title Martina Navratilova beat the Zina Garrison to won the title?

Ninth title of Wimbledon.

114. When the Tiger Wood won the first title of Golf Us Master, which golfer’s record the break?

He breaks the record of “Jack Nicklaus, Ray Floyd.”

115. Martina Navratilova write a novel, what is the name of that novel?

The name of the novel is “total zone.”

116. What is the name of the oldest open winner of Golf in the century?

“Robert de Vicenzo” is the oldest winner.

117. Any two players of the winning team of America in Le Mans in 1979?

The two players are “Bill and Don Whittington.”

118. In the 1997 prince’s cup, who was the winner?

“Anna Kournikova” won the Prince’s cup.

119. In which country the first world athletics championship held?

First world athletics championship was held in “Helsinki.”

120. In 1988, who was the champion of the Aerobatic world?

“Henry Haigh” was the champion.

121. Which second American won the Indianapolis 500 four times in his career?

“Al Unser Sr.” won two times.

122. In the 1970s, who won the maximum number of super bowls?

“Pittsburg Steelers” won the most number of times in the 1970s.

123. In the soccer game, which player is allowed to touch the ball?

Only Goal Keeper.

124. What is the name of the shortest NBA slam dunk winner?

His name is “Anthony Spud Webb.”

125. Which game is also known as the “King of Sports?

“Horse Riding.”

126. Which country won the most professional Hockey World Cups?

“Pakistan” won the most titles.

127. How many halves are in ice hockey?

Ice hockey has only three halves.

128. From which country the Boxer Muhammad Ali belongs?

Muhammad Ali belongs to America.

129. In the football world cup 2003, what is the name of the German keeper?

The Keeper name was “Kahn.”

130. In Football, who is also known as “galloping ghost”?

“R. Grange,” also known as galloping ghosts.

131. What is the name of the sport which held every year on the Memorial Day weekend?

The sport name is “Indianapolis 500”.

132. Who has the most number of touchdown passes record?

“Dan Marino.”

133. “Diego Mara Dona” is a player in which country?

He is a player in “Argentina.”

134. From which country the famous football player “Leonel Messy” belongs?

Leonel Messy belongs to “Argentina.”

135. Who is a football player who is also known as a football Godfather?

The player’s name is “Pele.”

136. What is the name of the player, who has the most number of hits in a single season?

The player’s name is “Ichiro Suzuki.”

137. Who was the youngest gold medalist in the Olympics of America in 1952?

“Barbara Jones” was the youngest gold medalist in 1952.

138. Who won the World Series twice in the year 1970s?

New York Yankees.

139. In 1977, was the US open golf’s held?

It’s held in “Tulsa Oklahoma.”

140. In a basketball game, what are the number of players in one team?

Each team in Basketball has five players.

141. Which golfer is also known as a big cat?

“Tiger Wood” also known as a big cat.

142. When we talk about the clubs, what is the name of the Leonel Messy club?

Leonel Messy play from the “Barcelona club.”

143. How many numbers of rings in the Olympic flag?

It contains five rings.

144. In hockey, what is the name of hard rubber dick?

It is known as “puck.”

145. When we say hat-trick, how many goals are scored?

“3” number of goals are scored in a hat-trick.

146. Which game is mostly played by the Los Angeles Lakers?

“Basketball” game.

147. Which surface is used to play the French open?

French Open is played on “Clay Court.”

148. What is the name of the Clay Court tennis king?

His name is “Rafael Nadal.”

149. How many numbers of games won by the Rafael Nadal so far?

He won at least 500 games so far.

150. How many holes in a typical golf course?

18 number of holes.

151. What type of ball is used in a basketball game?

It’s almost like a football but its light in weight as compared to Football.

152. In 2010, where the winter Olympics was held?

In “Canada.”

153. When we talk about baseball, how many bases are there?

4 number of bases.

154. When is the next football world cup scheduled?

Next to football world cup scheduled in “2022”.

155. Were the next football world cup would be played?

Next world cup will be played in “Qatar.”

156. In 2000, in which country the summer Olympics were held?

Summer Olympics in the 2000s were held in “Australia.”

157. In which year the first series of baseball was held?

The first series was held in 1950.

158. What mean by the yellow card in Football?

It’s a chance to don’t repeat any violent action in the ground.


We have just listed all the best questions according to the sports point of view. All these questions are perfect for increasing knowledge of sports. You can ask these questions from anyone sports lover to spend some quality time. This is the best way to learn things and increase your knowledge.

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