20 questions to ask a girl – It’s a 20 Question game to play with Girls

20 questions to ask a girl

20 Questions to ask a girl

We have created a list of 20 questions to ask a girl. In the following 20 questions to ask a girl, we provided you the best questions to ask a girl. If you want to know her better, you must ask these questions to her. Remember, you don’t have to ask every question written below. You have to choose the right questions according to your girl. Be confident and ask the given questions that you feel are suitable for her.


1. How you define happiness?

Everyone has his/her definition of love. Some people love to play games, some love watching movies, etc. What’re her definitions will tell you deep things about her.


2. What is the best gift you received from someone?

Girls love gifts. She must have received something that she liked the most. If you ask her this question, she will love to answer.


3. What drink is your favorite?

It’s an excellent question to ask a girl. We all have different tastes in drinks. Some girls like to drink plain water, some like carbonated drinks, and more. What is her favorite drink is a cute question to ask a girl.


4. What is the meaning of love for you?

It’s not a starting question but can be used in between a deep conversation. Ask this simple-looking deep question to her. She will explain her heart out of it. You will love to hear the answer.

5. What are your favorite sports?

It’s a general question, but it goes well. Girls mostly like simple sports, but few like intense as well. What kind of sports she loves is something you must know. It will also help you understand your common interest.

6. What is enjoy doing your current job?

This question is designed to know what she is currently doing as a job nicely. Because directly asking this question might be a bit uncomfortable for her. She will automatically tell you about her career and also her interest in the position.

20 questions to ask a girl
20 questions to ask a girl

7. How you spend your salary?

This type of question will tell you what kind of person she is. You might be a future planning girl, a saving person, or love to waste money. You must know these qualities to save yourself for the future.

8. If you get a chance to go back in time, at which specific age you would like to go and why?

It’s a kind of fun question to ask a girl. Girls love to answer such fiction related questions. She can’t go back. But answering this question is interesting, and she might tell you about her inner self.

9. Which movie is your favorite, and why?

Asking this question to the girl will give you a deep analysis of her interest in general. What kind of people she loves to hang out with or how she wants to spend her time. Interest in movies is similar to her general interest. Movies are all about people. So, her interest is to be with such kind of people—E.g. Funny, serious, romantic, etc.


10. What is the worst decision ever made?

We all make wrong decisions at different times in life. We don’t want others to make the same mistake. On that note, we all love to express that decision to others. We want to save them from that wrong decision.

11. Do you prefer a good looking guy or a guy with a good heart?

No matters how you look, ask this question to her. Girls love to reply to such questions. Most girls say they prefer a good heart, and it’s charming. You might get an answer like handsome with a good heart but don’t worry.

12. What’s your opinion on helping poor people?

How she wants to treat poor people gives you an inside story of her heart. What kind of person is she? You will know all this by just asking this simple question to her.

13. Who is your favorite movie star of all time?

This question is all about knowing what kind of style, the personality she prefers in general. It’s not a hard n fast rule that you should look exactly like that hero or movie star. It’s all about just having a bit of essence in you. E.g., If a movie star is a decent guy means she prefers reputable personalities.

14. What’s your thought on having a pet? Do you have any pets?

To understand her personality more deeply, you must know her nature more closely on different things. You will know her better after hearing the answer to this question.

15. What’s best about me?

This question might look a bit awkward to you, but it’s one of the best questions to ask a girl. You are asking her what she likes most about you. She will not lie and tell you the truth about your personality. This will give you an answer to how she feels about you.

16. What is your definition of a handsome guy?

Definition of a gentleman
Definition of a gentleman

It’s an exciting topic to ask a girl. Every girl looks guys in a bit different way. For some, a guy wearing a suit n tie is handsome, and for some, a guy wearing jeans/t-shirt is handsome.


17. Who is your childhood friend with whom you still hang out?

If a girl still hangs out with her childhood friend means she is the kind of person who doesn’t let relationships go away easily. She believes in having a stronger bond with people she loves and cares about.

18. Do you have anything that people don’t know about you?

Asking about secrets is not easy. The easy way is to ask an excellent question to her. This question is designed to know if she has any secrets.


19. Anything that you wanted to change about guys?

What she doesn’t like in guys. If you know the answer, you can change it, at least in yourself.


20. What you wanted to change about yourself that you can’t?

What’s so bad about her or what is that bad habit she is trying to get rid of but can’t!



Conclusion on 20 Questions to Ask a Girl:

So these were the 20 questions to ask a girl. All these questions are designed to trigger her to talk. We hope you enjoyed reading all these questions.

If you want to say something, you can by writing down in the comments. Thank you







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