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6 Deep questions to ask your boyfriend

6 Deep questions to ask your boyfriend


These are 6 Simрlе but Deep questions tо gо through with Yоur Bоуfriеnd. Asking these questions will help you a lot in future. Every girl must ask these questions to their guy.

Deep questions to ask your boyfriend
Deep questions to ask your boyfriend

If you are in a deep relationship with your partner and want to prolong it you must not have any hesitations or doubts about whether you can do this or that in future. So , here are some very serious deep questions that you must ask your boyfriend if you want a long lasting and permanent relationship with him. There are obviously some questions that you and your boyfriend don’t want to talk about at all, but if you are not going to settle these now, you are definitely going to have problems in future.

So here are the deep questions to ask your boyfriend:


Question #1: What you want to name our child?

He might get shocked and think why are you suddenly asking this question? Don’t worry it’s normal for a guy to hear that but being in a relationship typically means you are going to get married and have children born in future. You are asking him indirectly about his future plans with you. Don’t just stop here ask him about what would he name if she is a girl or boy. How many he wants from his wife. How is he going to manage food for all of them. From all these answers and from this conversation as whole you would know your boyfriend mush better than before.


Question #2: Do you have any future plans for us?

Ask him about his plans for future considering and involving you. How is he planning future with you? It could relate to family planning or even buying new house, car or career. This question will really open your eyes about your whole relationship with him. How serious is he about you and with your relationship.


Question #3: What do you think about staying loyal to one person for life?


This is a very deep question to ask your boyfriend. It’s no doubt a sensitive but an important issue. If you are the person who strongly believes in staying loyal to one person for life, you both must be on same page. You must know his mentality about this particular thing. How he reacts to this is very important. You as a girl don’t over react on his answer. Just listen to him and try to find out how close is he with your believe of loyalty with one person.


Question #4: How important i’m tо уоu?

Looks very simple and straight question but if you ask him with a serious attitude the question becomes very deep. You must find out your level in his life. Instead of just guessing that you are his top priority you must ask him. He might love something more than you. This is not just about another girl, it could be his business, job or any sports. These things create problems in future. Try to find out every possible thing, don’t feel bad or unloved by asking this question because he might have a passion for something good. It will not hurt you in future, if you already knew about that thing.


Question #5: What maximum you can do for our friendship?

You must ask this deep question to your boyfriend to know him even better. It’s not about watching movies or going to dinner. It’s also not about asking for a moon or his life. It’s about how much he cares for you. How is he going to handle, when you are ill? how is he going to take care of you and your problems. How much he values you and your friendship? Fighting or arguing with each other is something normal every couple do, but how to respect each other? Even after fight.

How much he importance he gives to your opinions? also how much you listen to him? You must clear all those things with this question.


Question #6: Do you still love me the same way you loved before?

It looks like an overrated or old average question that every other girl ask, but it’s very important. Why it’s important? because asking him again refreshes his memory for you. Don’t irritate him by asking this question on daily bases. You can ask this question after sometime, even if he is showing love towards you. Just ask this question when you feel you should ask him again about his love for you. Obviously, just remember one thing, never try to irritate your boyfriend.


Here is the Conclusion on deep questions to ask your boyfriend:

Do try to interrogate your boyfriend with these questions. He might get offended if you ask him these questions one after another. Use these questions only when he is in good mood and actively participating in conversation. Because these are very important topic you can’t just waste these important deep questions. These questions need time and proper conversation. You have to use each of these deep question separately as a conversation starter. It’s totally up to you how you plan to ask him these questions.

These deep questions to ask your boyfriend will definitely help you understand him much better and also gives you an overview about your relationship with him. Don’t try to ask these questions to multiple people so that you can choose who is best. No don’t do that! Everyone is going to respond differently and it will make you confuse. These are only designed for couples with long term relationship goals.


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