Office Trivia Questions – “The American Workplace”

Office Trivia Questions

If you are looking for the best fun trivia game activity at your workplace, you are in the right place. You just need to look around and find Michael Scott, Dwight, Pam, or Jim at your office. Just tag someone from your office with a perfect dialogue that suits him. You can also challenge someone from your office to score the highest score on office trivia questions & answers quiz game.

Office Trivia Questions
Office Trivia Questions

It is a show with the original name “The American Workplace.” 

The different people play the role of Dwight, Adam, and John, and many other characters. Let see who wins the bet.

1. What is the middle name of Michael Scott’s?

The full name is Michael Gary Scott. So the middle name is Gary.

2. What is the name of the French versions of the “The Office”?

The French name is “Le Bureau.”

3. Who was the first choice of NBC to play Michael?

The first choice was “Paul Giamatti.”

4. Who was the real couple in life?

The real couple is Jim and Pam.

5. Who was firstly auditioned for the Pam role?

“Angela Kinsey” auditioned first for this role.

6. What is the name of the paper which appeared in the opening credits of the show?

The paper’s name is “L.A. Dept. of city planning”.

7. The name of first-person addition for the role of Jan?

“Kate Flannery” gives the auditioned first for this role.

8. Which two members from the crew know each other from their childhood? 

“Novak and Krasinski” know each other from their childhood.

9. Which two members study together in a high school in Georgia?

“Andy and Kevin” attended the school together.

10. Who was firstly the director of the show but then play a role in the show?

“Phyllis” plays a role rather than a director.

11. Who firstly thought that the show would not get much success, so he doesn’t leave his part-time job?

“Oskar” firstly doesn’t leave his part-time job.

12. In season nine, which character supposed to leave the show?

“Dwight” was supposed to leave the show in season nine.

13. What is the name of the person who shot the opening credits of the show?

“John Krasinski” shot the opening credits.

14. Who was firstly cast in place of Jim?

“Adam Scott” firstly named for the role of Jim.

15. Is the computer has the internet in the office?

Yes, the computer has the internet.

16. What is the name of the real wife of Steve Carrels?

“Carol” is the name of his actual wife.

17. What do you think about Richard’s pup? Do they actually exist?

Yes, the pups actually exist.

18. What is the name of the character, which dates with Jim in season 3?

The character’s name is “Watermelon.”

19. What is the name of the Japanese warehouse in episode Happy Hour in season 6?

The Japanese warehouse name is “Hide.”

20. In episode 5 of season 2, what is the person’s name who fired?

The person name who fired is “Devon’.

21. There is s website for creed’s blog, what is the name of creed’s block?

The website address is

22. In the episode “Diwali,” which country food is eaten by Michael.

Indian food.

23. In the episode Branch Wars, Pam, Oskar, and Toby established a club, what is the name of that club?

The club’s name is “The finer Club.”

24. Where the show takes place?

The show takes place in different places in Scranton and Pennsylvania.

25. Who was the crush of Jim, which he reveals at the end of season 2?

The Jim crush was “Pam.”

26. After intoxicated, who kissed by the Pim?

The “Jim” kissed by the Pim.

27. What was the name of the stripper on Bob Vance’s bachelor party?

The stripper’s name was “Elizabeth.”

28. What is the first name of Erin’s?

The first name of Erin’s is “Kelly.”

29. Why Michael organized the funeral?

Michael organized the funeral for “Bird.”

30. What is the surname of the Ryan’s?

The surname of Ryan’s is “Howard.”

31. What is the name of Dwight’s brother?

Dwight’s brother’s name was “Jeb.”

32. In season 6, the cake is thrown on Sandy’s face, who throws the cake?

Erin throws the cake on Sandy’s face.

33. How much the golden ticket offer the discount?

The golden ticket offers a 0.1 discount.

34. In episode 6, the Donna seduce at her gym, who seduces the Donna?

“Dwight,” seduce the Donna at her gym.

35. What is the name of the Dwight sister?

Dwight’s sister’s name is “Fannie.”

36. Who starts his first day at Dunder Mifflin in season 1?

“Ryan,” start his first day Dunder Mifflin.

37. Name the person who shares the birthday with Michael?

“Eva Longoria” shares the birthday with Michael.

38. What is the full name of Erin’s?

The full name of the Erin’s is “Kelly Erin Hannon.”

39. What is the name of the actor who replaces Michael in season 6?

The “Charles Minor” replaces the Michael in season 6.

40. What is the date, when Jim proposed Pam?

On 11th August, Jim proposed Pam.

41. What is the name of the place, where Toby’s brother live?

Toby’s brother lived in Boulder, Colorado.

42. Ryan set up a company in the season, what is the name of that company?

The company name is “Wuphf.”

43. Michael set a username on a dating website, what is that name?

The Michael user name on the dating website was “LittleKidLover.”

44. For how much period, Pam and Jim were dating?

Pam and Jim are dating for one week.

45. What name does Dwight give to Justin Bieber?

The Dwight give him the name “Justin Beaver.”

46. What was the name of Angela’s cat?

The name of Angela’s cat is Sprinkles.

47. What is Jan’s baby name in the season?

Jan’s baby’s name was Astrid.

46. What is the last name of the Meredith?

The last name of the Meredith is Palmer.

49. What is the name of the person who took a hot girl at home?

The person’s name was “Jim.”

50. What is the name of the best friend of Michael?

Michael’s best friend’s name is “Todd.”

51. Which word is written on Packer’s license plate?

The “Wlhung” is written on the packer’s license plate.

52. What is the last name of Roy?

Roy’s last name was “Anderson.”

53. What is the name of the branch at which the Karen become the original manager?

The branch name is “Utica.”

54. What is the name of the Michael soup snake?

The Michael soup snake name is “Holly.”

55. What is the name of Roy’s company?

Roy’s company name is Gravel Company.

56. What is the name of the university from where Andy did the graduation?

The university’s name is “Cornell University.”

57. What is the favorite day of the Stanley?

The favorite day of the Stanley is Pretzel Day.

58. What is the name of the person whom Oskar has an affair?

Oskar has an affair with “Robert Lipton.”

59. What is the name of the place where Pam and Jim get married?

Pam and Jim get married in Niagara Falls.

60. How much total amount donated by Michael to Oscar’s nephew?

The Michael donated “$25” to Oskar’s nephew.

61. Michael received a gift in secret game, what is that gift?

Michael received the “Oven Mittens.”

62. Who was the crush of Oskar?

The Oskar’s crush name is “Matt.”

63. What is the name of Jim’s baby?

Jim’s baby’s name was “Cecilia.”

64. What are the things that saber’s sell?

Printers and papers.

65. Michael hired the nephew as a?

Family member.

66. Which country dominates the world, according to Michael?

According to Michael, “china” will dominate the world.

67. What is the name of Holly’s boyfriend?

Holly’s boyfriend’s name is A.J.

68. What gift did Pam give to the Erin?

Pam gives a computer to Erin.

69. Ryan’s have a social networking website, what is the name of that site?

Ryan’s social networking website name is “”

70. Michael afraid of a disease, what is the name of that disease?

The name of that disease is “Herpes.”

71. What type of shoes did Clarke suggest for Andy?

Clarke suggested the “open-toed shoes” for Andy.

72. What happened on diversity day in the office?

On diversity day, all the workers in the office undergo a training program on diversity.

73. Who left the office to run his own business?

Karen left the office to run his separate branch.

74. At which place the first scene of Michael and Jim takes place?

The first scene is taking place in the Library.

75. What is the name of the onetime girlfriend of Michael?

“Carol” is the name of the onetime girlfriend of Michael.

76. In which country the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch is located?

The branch is located in “Lackawanna Country.”

77. What is the name of the episode in which the talk is taking place about donations?

The episode name is “The Alliance.”

78. Which part of the body does Michael burn on the George Foreman grill?

Michael burns his foot.

79. In the office, an employee started as “the temp,” what is his name?

His name was Ryan Howard.

80. The office takes place in a paper company, what is the name of that company?

The company name is “Dunder- Mifflin.”

81. What is the ring tone of Michael in the fourth episode of season 2?

The ring tune name is “Mambo No.5 by the Lou Bega”.

82. What does Dwight do in his spare time?

Dwight runs a farm in his spare time.

83. What thing produce by the Dwight farm?

Dwight farm produces the Beets.

84. What is the middle name of Dwight Schrute’s?

The middle name of Dwight is “Kurt.”

85. What is the name of the Asian character in the episode of “The Dundies.”

The Asian character’s name is ping.

86. Which of the main character is not in the first meeting of the Dunder Mifflin?

Kelly is not present at the first meeting.

87. How many rules a male Shrutes had to learn?

The number of rules is forty.

88. Which employee read the part of Goldenface of Michaels’s movie script in the episode “The Client”?

Oskar read the Goldenface part of the Michael movie.

89. On the Jim and Pam wedding, what is wearing by Kevin on foot?

Kevin wear the tissue boxes on the feet.

90. For what thing, Jim and Karen searching for in Grief Management the whole day?

Jim and Karen are searching for Herr’s Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips.

91. On which event the Dwight offer the beet salad to Angela?

It was a Dinner party.

92. Where Jim go when he left the Scranton?

Jim goes for Stamford.

93. For what amount the Jim buy the five hundred feet red wire?

Jim spends the 20 dollars for five hundred feet red wire.

94. All the members in the Stamford branch play a video game in the episode “The Coup.” What is the name of that game?

The game was “Call of duty.”

95. The Oscar’s nephew walks a lot in the Cerebral Palsy Walk-A-Thon. What is the walking distance?

He walks a distance of 18 miles.

96. The Angela think the color in the “whore-ish”. What is that color?

It is green in color.

97. Who is the latter girlfriend of Michael’s?

The “Jan Levinson-Gould” is the latter girlfriend of Michael’s boss.

98. What is the name Michael’s Boss?

Michael’s boss’s name is Levinson-Gould.

99. In the episode “Take Your Daughter to work day” of season 2, which office member doesn’t bring his child on work?

Creed doesn’t bring his child.

100. Who was the winner of the hot dog eating contest?

The winner was Andy Bernard.

101. How many hot dogs are eaten by Andy Bernard?

Andy Bernard ate the 13 total hot dogs in the contest.

102. What is the middle name of Pam Beesly?

Pam Beesly’s middle name is Morgan.

103. A race is on Kevin’s forehead in the episode “Diversity Day’. Which race is that?

The race name is “Italian.”

104. Who is the main person responsible for “The office” characters casting?

“Allison Jones” responsible for their casting.

105. How many people sing for Dunder Mifflin in the episode “Local Ad”?

The total number of persons is five.

106. A salesman later joins the Dunder Mifflin as a traveling salesman, what is the name of that salesman?

The name of that salesman is Danny.

107. Who catches the flower bouquet at the wedding of Phyllis, when she throws the flower on reception?

The name of that person is Toby’s date.

108. When the Michael is eating his pretzel, one of the topping form the pretzel come on to his suit. What is that topping?

This is a topping of caramel dip.

109. Who was the assistant to the regional manager, but then promoted to Assistant Regional Manager?

His name is Dwight.

110. In the basketball, when the game is over, how many consecutive shots are made by Kevin?

Five consecutive shots.

111. What is Dwight’s grandfather’s name?

His name was Manheim.

112. In which South African country the Manheim lived?

Manheim lived in Argentina.

113. What thing Michael got in his hair in the episode “Night out”?

Michael gets the gum in his hair.

114. What thing is used to get out of the gum from Michael’s hair?

Peanut butter is used for Michael’s hair.

115. How much amount Michael get to turn his branch surplus to corporate in the episode “The surplus”?

Michael gets a $645 amount.

116. There is a secret to Kevin’s chili, what is that secret?

The secret is to undercook the onions.

117. During the office Olympics, there is a game in which people walk on their feet with paper boxes, what is the name of that game?

The game’s name is Flonkerton.

118. On which place Jim proposes the Pam?

Jim proposes Pam on a Gas station.

119. An object is secretly passed to Jim in the Stamford branch, what is that object?

This object is a Squeaky chair.

120. Andy Bernard floats away on the lake in the episode “Beach Games. What is he wore in this scene?

Andy Bernard wears a “sumo wrestling costume.”

121. When Michael comes back, what is the job of Pam in “The Office”?

Pam’s job is a “Sales” job.

122. What cartoon character is displayed in the office, as a plush doll?

The cartoon character is “Homer Simpson.”

123. Dwight buys a purse in the episode “Hot girl.” What is the color of that purse?

It is a black color purse.

124. Name any song which is played at Jim’s party?

One song from Jim’s party songs is “I will survive.”

125. An employee from the warehouse engaged with Pam. What is the name of that employee?

The employee’s name is “Roy.”

126. What did Jim use in the “Pilot” episode to build a wall between his and Dwight’s desk?

Jim uses the pencil to build the wall.

127. What did the Jima and Pam do in the break room, in the episode “Stress relief”?

Jim and Pam enjoy a movie with Andy in the break room.

128. On Valentine’s Day, Dwight gives something to Angela. What is that thing?

On Valentine’s Day, Dwight gives a key to Angela.

129. In the episode “Christmas,” who ends up with the baby poster?

Andy ends up with a baby poster in the Yankee Swap.

130. A night before his wedding, Andy need to go hospital in the episode “Niagara.” Why does he need to go to the hospital?

Andy got to the hospital due to a freak accident during the passionate dance-off.

131. In “Booze Cruise,” the office crew sale a ship. What is the name of that ship?

The name of that ship was “The lake Wallenpaupack princess”.

132. Dwight sings a song for Angela in a Christmas party in “A Benihana Christmas.” What is that song?

That song is “Lady” by Styx.

133. What does Michael give to the children in the episode “Scott’s Tots” season 6?

He gives the Laptop batteries to the children.

134. What does Michael do with the Dwight in the episode “Goodbye, Michael” of season 7?

Michaels plays the Paintball with the Dwight.

135. What was the dentist’s name for the Dwight?

The Dwight dentist’s name was “Crentist.”

136. Oscar has a boyfriend. What is the name of her boyfriend?

Oskar’s boyfriend’s name is “Gil.”

137. Pam and Roy sing a song of Phyllis wedding, what is that song?

The song is “You were meant for me” by jewel.

138. A stripper performed a pole dance on the Bob’s Vance’s bachelor party in episode “Ben Franklin” of season 3. What type of that dance?

The dance is “Feel like Makin’ Love” by bad company.

139. An anthem is played in episode “Cocktail” of season three. What is that, anthem?

The anthem is “Carry on wayward son” by Kansas.

140. What has the farewell song chosen by the Michael in Scranton branch in the last episode of season three?

The song is “Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant.

141. When Pam go to an art school in season 6, who took over her as a receptionist?

“Roy” took over the Pam.

142. The Scranton branch has short of one gift from the headquarter Dunder Mifflin in the episode “Benihana Christmas.” What is that gift?

That gift is “Dunder Mifflin terry bathrobe.”

142. What is the other job that Meredith does other than the Supplier relations?

The Meredith’s also has an accountant job other than the Supplier relations.

143. What celebrity name used by Dwight when he tells the employee about the car accident?

He uses the name “Brad Pitt.”

144. What is the name of that person, who runs the warehouse below the Dunder-Mifflin offices?

The name of that person is “Darryl.”


We have just listed all the best office Trivia question for you. You can use these questions to spend some quality time with your loved ones.


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