Deep Philosophical Questions that really opens your mind

Universe on Deep Philosophical Questions

As we all know that Philosophy is all about the study of our fundamental or general problems; mainly, we focus on matters related to our knowledge, our existence, mind, values, and reasons.

Deep philosophical questions are also fun to talk; if you are having a conversation with someone close to you, these are the questions you should ask them. We wrote ten very deep philosophical questions for you because even a single question can lead you to a deep conversation for hours. So without wasting more time, just read all these questions.


10 Deep Philosophical Questions:


1. Do you think our universe is real?

In the root of philosophy, you can not be sure about things. You can not say that it’s 100% true. This question requires some intense thinking and analysis, and we might get our answer. This question is not just to ask someone. Moreover, this question is for you as well to think and find the answer to this question.

Universe on Deep Philosophical Questions
Universe on Deep Philosophical Questions

2. Why we have something rather than having nothing?

First of all, you must know what does it mean? Think of it as when we have things; we don’t pay attention to those things. For example, you have eyes, you have hands, but you don’t care about those things. You want something else; you are not thankful enough for the things you already own. So, why have something rather than having nothing?

3. Do we all pretend to have free will, or do we have free will?

Do you have free will? Are you open to doing anything? Don’t you think you are surrounded by law enforcement and government that doesn’t allow you to have free will? It’s not true, my friend. You are free! It’s up to how you deal with these laws and government. Nobody in this world has control over your feelings and thoughts. You are allowed to do anything you want!

4. Do you think religions are right?

This question is deeper than you might think. Your mind might consider this question as simple and, but in reality, if you focus on your thoughts, you will find things related to religion. Are you following a true religion? This question is for you to find out!

5. Why do we always dream about things that we cannot get?

Ask this deep philosophical question to anyone in this world; the answer is human nature. We are greedy by nature. We always want to do things that are not allowed or not in our hands.

6. Is it possible to survive in this world without lying?

If you can find a single person who claims he/she never lied? If someone is claiming that, it’s a lie, my friend!

7. What if I don’t want to follow my country’s laws? Why is it necessary for me?

Ask this to your partner or friends. Listen to them why they think the laws are necessary. Rules are to control the bad in our society. We can’t survive easily if we don’t follow the law. If we allow everyone to do whatever they want, the world will become a mess.

8. What will happens to earth if we suddenly disappear from the earth?

Have you ever thought about this? What will happen to the world behind us? The building we constructed? The whole system human race is controlling, and what will happen to the nuclear bombs we have on earth.

9. What is freedom? Are you free? Do you think you are doing whatever you want?

Freedom and free will are two different things, don’t mix them. Freedom is allowed for things. Something that you are allowed to do. Do you consider yourself free after considering the freedom that is granted to you? Ask this question to know more about the people around you.

10. What’s better? Being a small fish in the big pond or a big fish in a small pond?

It’s a philosophical test for all. You can ask this question to your friend, partner, or anyone. Being a small fish means living in high competition and a dangerous environment, and being a big fish means living in low competition with having more control over things but on a limited scale. Overall this question applies to all fields of life.


So these were all the Deep Philosophical Questions that you can ask anyone to know more about them.

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