55 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl – It’s Good to make her laugh

funny questions to ask a girl

So we created a list of funny questions to ask a girl. Believe it or not, but it’s the right way to talk to a girl. Most of the girls prefer to talk to someone funny, so be that guy. Ask her these funny questions and have your conversation full of fun and joy. We smartly created these questions so that you don’t have to be a funny guy by nature. Even if you are someone with a decent look or guy called a serious personality, you can still use these questions in your conversations.

We are providing a bit of commentary with questions for your understanding. If you can make your sense of any question, it’s beautiful. Don’t use all these questions. Pick the right ones that you think are good for your conversation. So, let’s begin our list of funny questions to ask a girl:

10 Funny Questions To Ask a Girl with Answers: 

1. If you get the power to become a guy for a day, what will you do first?

From a girl’s perspective, it’s a funny question to ask a girl. Girls have many funny desires to describe if you ask them such a funny question.

2. Any weird/funny nickname you got from someone?

Mostly yes! Our friends, family, and people around us love to give us stupid/funny nicknames. Some of them are extremely funny and make us laugh whenever we hear them. So, you guys will have a good with this question.

3. Do you find guys with big belly attractive? If no, why what’s wrong about them.

Suppose an out of the box question, and mostly girls laugh at such questions. Try this if she loves to laugh.

4. What’s the funniest dream you ever had?

We all dream while sleeping. Some of our dreams make us laugh for different reasons. When you ask this question to a girl, she will laugh again while answering this question.

5. What you found a bit funny about guys?

Like as a guy, you found things that are stupid/funny in girls, e.g., guys think girls can’t drive properly. Same like guys, girls also have different thoughts. Try to listen and laugh at them.

funny questions to ask a girl
funny questions to ask a girl

6. What was your funniest life moment?

It’s straightforward and easy to ask questions. Girls love to talk; you must know that. You are asking her about any funny incident that happened in her life. Even if that thing doesn’t make you laugh, do laugh.

7. Are your shoes are from MacDonald? I love it.

You can replace shoes with anything you like about her. “I love it” is MacDonald’s tagline. It is a fun way to compliment her.

8. What’s the funniest name you have ever given to someone?

Get yourself ready for a laugh as she is going to tell you a funny name. You might not found that name funny, but you have to laugh.

9. What funniest name you have ever heard in the world?

Again it’s related to names. We all call each other with different names, and some people have names that we found funny. Ask her and laugh.

10. What is the worst name you ever heard of someone?

Worst names are another way to ask her for a name to laugh on.

10 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text :


1. Which sports you found funny and why?

There are many different sports in the world. Sometimes we found sports funny for various reasons. Ask her this, and she will tell you about which and why.

2. Which is your most favorite funny movie? What’s so funny about that movie?

It’s more like a trick to make her laugh. Yes, if the movie is funny and she enjoyed it means she is going to laugh automatically while telling you about the movie.

3. What did stupid thing girls do? And you mostly laugh about it.

As a guy, you know guys well, what they do stupid. Same like guys, girls also found stupid things that other girls do.

4. What’s the last stupid thing you did with your friends?

Ha really! Yes, whenever we meet our friends, we all do stupid stuff. Ask her what she did at the last meeting, and you might laugh for hours.

5. What’s the most stupid thing your friends did to you in front of your parents?

Friends sometimes do stupid things in front of our parents. We even mock our friends for such things. Sharing those moments with anyone is a kind of joy for girls. Ask her this question and enjoy it.

6. What is your most embarrassing moment in life?

Embarrassing things make us laugh when we later talk about them. Ask her this simple question, and she will tell you her embarrassing moments while laughing.

7. In the zoo, which animal looks so rude to you?

The question looks so simple. If you ever visited the zoo, you sometimes found animals rude. Girls love to describe such stories about animals.

8. What you found funny about fashion in guys?

If you look fashion in general, there are several things that you, as a guy, laugh on them. Ask her this funny question; she will laugh and tell you about funny fashion in guys.

9. If you get the power to eliminate any of your friends from existence, who could it be?

It’s a fun question to ask a girl. She will love to tell you as she knows it’s just a funny question.

10. What’s the most stupid thing you have ever seen in someone’s house?

Whenever we visit someone, we mostly look around on things and sometimes found things as funny. Ask her this question from Funny questions to ask a girl list; she will love to answer this question.


10 Funny Questions To Ask a Girl on Instagram:


1. If you get powers to convert any of your friends into animals, who do you convert and into what?

Girl with lion on funny questions to ask a girl
Girl with a lion on funny questions to ask a girl

She might even laugh just by listening to this question. She knows it’s a funny question, and she will love to convert her friends into animals for the sake of a laugh.

2. Do you ever get scared of watching a kid’s horror movie?

As an adult, we consider ourselves healthy in the sense of fear. But sometimes, even kid’s horror movies make us scared. Ask her if this question if she loves to watch such stuff.

3. If the police ever arrest you for something, what would your parents first assume you had done?

We all know what our parents think about us. It’s an excellent way to laugh when we see what our parents will think about certain situations. In general, it’s a funny situation as she is not in jail for real.

4. What was in fashion you used to consider as stupid but now think as something classy?

Let her describe this answer to you as girls love fashion and fashion-related questions.

5. What’s the funniest fact you know about any of your friends?

We know different facts about our friends that make us laugh. We love to share it with others to laugh again and again. Try this simple question and laugh with her.

6. Which funniest joke made you laugh for hours?

Asking about jokes can take you guys to hours of conversation with laughs. You can joke after each joke and can laugh for hours.

7. Did your company have some stupid rules that you found funny?

Yes, companies have rules to maintain decorum in the office. She might think some rules as stupid/funny. Ask her this question, and she will tell you.

8. What funny product you have ever seen in the market?

Many products in the market are created just to make people laugh and get their attention on the product. She must have seen a few. She will tell you upon asking.

9. What TV ad you found so funny?

It’s a famous marketing technique to make funny ads. People love and enjoy funny ads.

10. Any stupid business idea that you heard from someone close to you?

Our close friends mostly make stupid business plans and ask us for suggestions, and we, in return, laugh at them and make a joke about their plans.

10 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl Reddit :


1. Do you use to have any business plans that you now think are funny?

Like our friends, we also make stupid plans at different times in our life. When after some time, we rethink our strategy, we laugh.

2. In a sentence, what did you say about social media?

If you are funnily asking this question, she will reply with a funny answer.

3. If you make your own business/company. What would you name it?

From funny questions to ask a girl list, it’s one of the interesting questions you can ask a girl. Don’t worry; she will also laugh at her plans.

4. If we could rename our country with an animal name, what name will suit our country?

It’s a kind of a straight and stupid question but will make both of you laugh.

5. What is the worst name you ever heard of someone?

It’s one of the easiest ways to make her laugh in any conversation. She must have heard some names that stuck in her mind.

6. If you get a chance to end your fight with someone by winning a game, which game will you choose?

It’s not just a funny question but an interesting one too. She has to think, and with that, she will tell you about her skills in the chosen game.

7. What’s the funniest WiFi name you have ever seen?

 All around the globe, people have hilarious WiFi names. Ask her this simple question and have a good laugh. You can also answer this funny question if you remember some excellent names.

8. What’s the funniest scene you have ever watched in a movie?

In movies, we found some scenes as the funniest in the whole movie. When she describes, you guys will laugh.

9. If the government makes shoplifting legal, what will you shoplift first?

In our list of funny questions to ask a girl. It’s one of the funniest questions. It just a scenario-based question and the scenario is false. She will love to tell to answer and laugh while answering.

10. If you get the option to remove a body part of yours, which one you choose and why?

It’s kind of weird, funny question. She will tell you her desire to remove the most irritating part of her body.


10 Funny Questions To Ask a Girl You Just Met:

1. What’s the most embarrassing thing someone done in your home?

In our homes, we face many embarrassing moments. She will tell you about the most embarrassing, and you guys will have a good laugh.

2. If you add the word “Shit” to the start of your favorite movie, what will it become?

Get ready to laugh. The name will automatically become funny when you add “shit” at the start. E.g. “Mean Girls” will become “Shit Mean Girls” and “The Notebook” will become “Shit the notebook.”

3. If someone put a gun on your head and says call a friend if your friend picked the call on time, you are dead! Who do you call?

It’s a situation based funny question, and she will tell you the name of her friend who doesn’t pick call on time.

4. What’s the weirdest food you have ever tasted?

The world is full of food items with different varieties. Sometimes we don’t like food for whatever reason. We also don’t want others to eat that food and mostly laugh about that specific food in friends.

5. If ethics weren’t an issue, what will you do first?

We are mostly bound by ethics when it comes to doing something in society. If society lets you do things the way you want, just imagine what crazy things you will do.

6. If we remove peanuts and butter from peanut butter, what would it be called?

It’s a simple funny question, and her answer will make you laugh.

7. What’s the funniest thing you heard from strangers on the road?

We hear different slang on the road from strangers that make us laugh, and we love to share those with our friends.

8. If you have to insult someone by using funny words, what will you say?

The situation in question is demanding both of you laugh. It’s a scenario-based question but will make you laugh.

9. If you somehow go back in the past, an era with no technology and advancement, how would you prove to them that you are from the future?

This scenario is hilarious and exciting. Whatever she is going to say will make you laugh.

10. If today your mom tells you that you were adopted, how will you react to that?

She might react weirdly upon hearing this question, and she will tell you funny answers to this question.

Five funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh :


1. Have you ever given someone a funny nickname? What was that?

She must have given someone a nickname. As humans, we love to give funny nicknames to others.

2. If we mix coke with coffee, is it still be drinkable?

coffee on funny questions to ask a girl
coffee on funny questions to ask a girl

Obviously, no, she might say yes. Ask this question only while eating or having dinner or something. Is just a simple funny question.

3. Is there any gym, you know, where we can burn calories just by sitting?

She will laugh hard when you ask a girl such a funny question. Don’t be so shy to ask her this question. She knows that you are joking. If you are a bit overweight, this is just the right question for you to ask her.

4. What’s your most lovable thing in the gym? Mine is sitting on an empty bench.

If the girl you are talking to is Gym-holic, this is the right funny question you can use to make her laugh hard.

5. If you are allowed one slap to someone without him/her getting angry at you, who will you choose?

It might be you because you are asking this question. Just laugh upon hearing the answer; don’t try to ruin the humor in this funny question.


Conclusion on Funny Questions to Ask a Girl:

This was the list of funny questions to ask a girl. Remember, in funny questions, the execution of the question matters a lot. Try to rehearse some of them. Also, try a few on your other friends. If any question makes your other female friend laugh, there is a 98% chance that the girl you are trying to talk will laugh too.

You can mix or alter the questions a little bit while talking to her in situations. Don’t try to memorize these funny questions precisely as written.



If you want to say something, you can by writing down in the comments. Thank you





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