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hypothetical questions

Hypothetical questions are those questions that don’t include the facts and realities. Mostly, hypothetical questions are based on opinions, suppositions, conjectures, and personal beliefs. These questions are perfect for thinking out of a box. So these questions can expand your everyday conversations to more exciting and memorable answers.

Peoples asks these questions from each other for different purposes. Mostly, people ask these questions to know each other internally. Moreover, people also ask these questions to learn about their new friends. So you can ask the below hypothetical questions from their close ones to spice your daily conversations with some memorable moments. We can divide the hypothetical questions into different categories depending upon the audience and situations.

hypothetical questions
hypothetical questions

Best Hypothetical Questions to Ask Anyone

These questions include all the best questions which you can ask anyone at any time to start a healthy and exciting conversation. Always try to start your conversations with the best possible hypothetical questions.

1. Let you are on the road alone and found a bag full of money and also contain a piece of paper with single writing on it like “Don’t.” Would you take this bag or not?

Although the question is long, it’s just the start of a memorable and exciting story. If your friend is good to make the right hypothetical choices, it will be more enjoyable. This question is perfect to know about the thinking of your friend about the money.

2. Let a war is started, and you are in the war. You know some weakest points of your enemy. Moreover, Your enemy is ready to attack you. What is your action knowing some weakest points of your enemy?

This question tells you about the thinking of your friend in different situations. What’s the most essential for him too, Defense or victory? What is your friend’s strategy knowing the weakness of the enemy?

3. Let you are reading a book, and you found that it’s entirely according to your life story. Then you reach a point where your life is now. Would you turn the book page or not?

What would your friend do knowing that he can’t change their life story? Is knowing the future spoils his life adventure? Somehow this question tells you the belief of your friend on God.

4. Let you can found the one thing which happens in your future. What thing do you want to know about?

It is a deep question which helps to find the essential things in your friend’s life. Moreover, this can be one question that defines your friend.

5. Would you like a short life full of adventures or a long life without any adventure and memorable moments?

This question is perfect for the finding of the nature of your friend. All the energetic and determined peoples like life full of adventure rather than a long life full of laziness and dullness. If you are interested in would you rather type questions read them on our site.

6. The essential skill which you think that you must have that skill?

This question shows you the most liked passion of your friend. Moreover, the essential skill that your friend wanted to learn.

7. What would you do? If you have a chance to improve your intelligence level in price to permanently remove your hair.

It is a perfect question to know about what’s essential for your friend, intelligence, or beauty? Moreover, it can be a fun way to know about the thinking of your friend.

8. Let there is a park that has all the past species, including the Diana sources and other dangerous species. Would you visit this park?

This question shows the thinking of your friend about past species. Is he likes to visit a park-like Jurassic Park?

9. If the zombies exist, what would you do to prevent the zombies?

What does your friend think about the zombies? What is your friend’s strategy to hide from zombies? So This hypothetical scenario shows your friend thinking about the problem-solving approach of real life. If interested, read more existential questions on our blog.

10. Let you know the date of your death. What do you want to do before that day?

This question can have two perspectives. First one, is knowing the death date effect your friend mindset? And the second one, what are the essential tasks of your friend live which he wants to complete in his life.

11. If you are a superhero with a single partner. Which of your friends do you want as your partner? What do you want to do as a superhero?

This question also has two perspectives. The first one is about superhero powers. Which of the superhero powers your friend likes the most and The second one is about the best friend. As your friend always wants his best friend as a superhero partner.

12. If you are allowed to ask one question from your future with an exact answer, what will be your question?

This question shows what your friend wants to know about its future and also what is the most important thing for your friend in his future?

13. Would you like a job where you get 50k dollars per month with nothing to do just sit on a chair the whole day?

This question shows the importance of money for your friend and also indicates which type of job your friend likes the most.

14. If you need to pick some music collection for your whole rest life, what is your collection?

This music collection shows the favorite music of your friend. Moreover, this collection of music includes songs that make your friend crazy whenever your friend listens to these songs.

15. Would you like to travel to different parts of the world? Or don’t want to leave your home.

This question shows how your friend thinks about his life, and this question shows the attachment of your friend with his family and mother’s soul.

16. If you have a choice to breed two different species, what will be your choice?

This question shows, which are the most important species for your friend? Moreover, which species your friend likes the most, and he wants the more improvement and beauty in these species.

17. For what amount of money you can permanently leave your mobile phone?

This question shows the importance of the phone to your friend and Is your friend likes the phone in his hand rather than the money?

18. If you have only two choices about your career, the first one is an astronaut, or the second one is a deep-sea diver. What would you like the most, becoming an astronaut or deep-sea diver?

This question shows the interest of your friend about exploring the hidden world and also help to find the interest of your friend about sea life.

19. If you have only two choices for living location, the first one is a desert, or the second one is Antarctica. Which place will you choose?

Which is the worst place for you, desert or Antarctica?

20. Let you have a chance to complete your one dream or complete two goals of your friend. What will you do in that situation?

It’s a perfect question to know about friends’ nature. What matters more for your friend, selfishness or altruism.

21. Let you have an option between your life and all other life on earth. Would you like to save the whole world with your sacrifice?

It’s a perfect question to know about what matters more for your friend—the environment around your friend or himself.

22. Let the animals can understand our language and can communicate with us. How it affects the whole world?

It is a perfect question that can be the start of many other deep questions. Moreover, would you eat the animal’s meat if they can speak and communicate?

Hypothetical Questions to Ask GirlFriend

Below are the best questions to ask from a girlfriend. These questions help you to open her mind. Moreover, you can learn a lot about your girlfriend with these questions.

1. If you have a choice between television and the internet, what would be your choice?

You can know the interest of your girlfriend by asking this question. Moreover, on which screen your girlfriend spends most of his time, television, or internet screen.

2. If you have a chance to become a one day president of the United States of America, what would be your daily priorities?

It is the best question to find out the feelings of your girlfriend about society. Moreover, what are the things which your girlfriend wants to change in society?

3. Let you have a restaurant, what would be the look of your restaurant?

It’s a perfect question to open up the ideas of your girlfriend. Moreover, How does your friend think about the business?

4. If you have a chance to get up like any famous artist, who is the one you want to become?

By asking this question, you can find out the artist or any hero which your girlfriend likes the most. Moreover, what is the ideal personality of your girlfriend? Then you can change himself like this to admire your girlfriend.

5. If you have a chance to live 60 years under any other boss or ten years with your boss. What would you prefer?

By asking this question, you can judge the mentality of your girlfriend. Rather your girlfriend likes a short life with full pleasure or long life without any adventure.

6. If you have a chance to describe your life in just 20 words, what are these twenty words?

It is the perfect question to know about the essential incidents of your girlfriend’s life. Moreover, this can be the most important summary of your girlfriend’s life.

7. What are the five most important things about which you want complete knowledge?

What are the five most important things about which your girlfriend is curios?

8. Let suppose you are invisible for the next 24 hours. What do you want to do during these hours?

By asking this question from your girlfriend, you can know about the things which your girlfriend can’t do due to some reason. Moreover, this can be a fun question.

Hypothetical Questions to Ask People

These questions include all the best questions to ask from anyone in any situation to know about the people. Moreover, these questions can create a perfect environment to spend some quality time with your friend.

1. Let you have died. Would you like to stay on earth as a ghost or prefer to leave the earth for another planet?

It is a perfect question to start a healthy and unexpected conversation. Moreover, this question helps you to find about the people, how brave they are to face the unexpected incidents?

2. Let your friend is hanging on a building, where you have a chance to save your friend’s life with 50% danger of your own life. Would you keep your friend or not?

It can be a much-pressured question for your friend, especially when the friends are sitting around.

3. If the technology is not too advanced yet. Would you think the world is a better place to live rather than now?

By asking this question, you can know the thinking of the people about the recent technology. Would people like recent advancement?

4. Let suppose you are in a battle, what would you choose between a tank and a jet fighter?

This question can be the start of a healthy hypothetical war. Moreover, this question shows the different strategies of people in different situations.

5. Let suppose there is no need to sleep the whole 24 hours of the day. What would you do with the extra time of the day?

It can be a deeper question that can help people to perfectly use their available time. Moreover, people can find out more tasks that can be performed in the available time.

6. Let you know all the languages of the world, how you can use this knowledge for your benefit?

This question can help people to learn about the different languages of the world. Moreover, how people can use their knowledge?

7. Let you have $1000000 in your pocket, what you want to do with this money?

It can be the perfect hypothetical question to start a healthy conversation. It can be the start of a fun conversation. Moreover, you can learn about the different things which the people want in their life.

Interesting Hypothetical Questions

These questions include some scientific and deep questions which can lead you to the next level conversation. Moreover, this can be an exciting debate.

1. Let a person know about the center of the earth and somehow go to the center. What is the weight of the person at the earth center?

It can be a perfect question for the physician. Moreover, you can know a lot of things about the earth by asking this question from a physician.

2. Let time travel is possible, and you have a chance to travel, at which time you want to go?

It is a perfect question for history and space lower. Moreover, you can also know a lot of things about time travel theory.

3. Let suppose the animals have the intelligence level like humans. What type of life could be on earth?

The answer to this question is not just a single line. It can lead you to the early life of humans where humans are live like animals.

4. What will happen if it’s proved there is no God and religion in the world?

It is an excellent hypothetical question to visualize the world with different aspects. But on the other, it’s also a tough question to visualize.

5. If the average life of a human is increased to 500 years, what would you with your extra life years?

It is a deep question to know about the assumptions of the people. Moreover, what people want to do which they don’t do with a small duration of life.

6. If the government gives you a chance to rule the whole country for one day. What would you want to do this one day?

What the people think about ruling the whole country? Which is the biggest issue for the people these days? Moreover,  this can be the biggest problem in the country.

7. Let suppose you are a scientist and you discovered the new things about any particular topic. But you died before telling anyone about these discoveries. Would you think it is ok or not?

It is best to question to ask people to know about people’s nature and attitude. Moreover, some people don’t like fame; they just help the other for their interests.

8. Are you believe in other planets like earth where life exists? If life exists, how it looks like?

It’s best to question to know about the people’s believes in other planets like earth. Moreover, how they think about the other creatures.

9. Let suppose the food supply is stopped, and you need to grow your food yourself. Would you think you can do that on your own?                                                                

It’s a good question to know about the people, how determined they are? Moreover, are they can survive without the proper food supply?

10. Let you have lost all your savings, and nobody is with you in this bad time. But somehow again you get some money. What will you do with that money?

Are you do some business with this money and make your savings again and help your lost relationships again or just remove these people from your list.

Hypothetical Questions Image

Here are some additional questions for you in image format, if you want to save it in your phone.


Random Hypothetical Questions

These include some random questions which can be asked from anyone at any time for quality conversation.

1. If you are asked to describe your every friend but only with your hand’s movements. How would you describe your friends?

It is a good fun question for some exciting and funny conversations. You can also know about the people, how perfectly they know their friends.

2. How do you think about imaginary heroes? Let an iron man exists on earth. Would it be good for the earth or not?

Would people like the superheroes with extraordinary powers? Moreover, is the superheroes are safe for our planet or not?

3. Let there is no need for food for the people to live on this planet. How will this affect human life on the earth?

It is a simple question, but the answer is not too simple. Moreover, It can lead you to a healthy conversation about humans, as every human work for their food needs.

4. Let you have a chance to go back into your past. What do you want to change in your past life?

This question is perfect to know about some bad experiences in life. Moreover, These can be some emotional moments.

5. Suppose a bird fly without wings. Can we call it a bird walk?

It’s an excellent funny question for some special moments. Moreover, there can be some more special and funny word for this bird movement rather than walk.

6. Let you have a chance to reset the world again according to your mind. How do you want to set the world?

This question shows the interest of the people to set things accordingly. Also, how people are energetic and determined?

7. Let no language exists in the world. How do you think people communicate with each other?

This question can lead the conversation to the early life of humans when people don’t wear anything and communicate through hand and eye movements.

8. If you have a chance to travel to any one planet in the solar system. What planet will you choose?

It is a perfect question to know about the interest of the people in the solar system. Which planet people like the most. It is an interesting debate that can be accomplished in the near future.

9. Would you believe in aliens? If the aliens exist, how they look like?

It is a perfect question to know about the people who believe in aliens. Moreover, how people think about aliens’ life and their look.


Asking a hypothetical question is a good fun game that can create the perfect environment to enjoy. Moreover, you can also know about the audience by asking these questions. You need to think about your audience, your questions, and the moment before asking the hypothetical questions. These questions have the ability to move your conversation outside the traditional limits and talks. Maybe you will face some unexpected answers by using these questions.

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