80+ Funny Questions to ask a guy, You both are going to laugh!

Yeah, it’s hard to think funny questions to ask a guy. If you are a funny person, then it becomes a bit easy for you, but with a serious personality, it becomes hard. But don’t worry, we have prepared a list of fun questions to ask a guy. These funny questions can be asked to anyone, even if you are not a funny girl.

Our questions are serious humor. Means anyone can ask these questions easily, but the answers and discussion on these questions will make you laugh. We have previously written some funny questions to ask a girl; you can use these as well for boys because funny questions are usually not gendered specific.

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20 Funny questions to ask a guy to make him laugh:

smiling guy on funny questions to ask a guy
the smiling guy on funny questions to ask a guy
  1. Tell me your biggest kitchen fails?
  2. Anything that you think you know a lot about but actually don’t?
  3. Has any guy ever stalked you for?
  4. If you don’t have to work in life, what possibly you were doing?
  5. If you were given a superpower of your choice, what would you do with that?
  6. Name any movie that tortured you, but you kept on watching?
  7. If you don’t like someone, how you handle him/her?
  8. Who do you want to slap from celebrities, and why?
  9. What makes you happy?
  10. What are you get a chance to marry any fictional character, who would it be?
  11. What is your all-time favorite TV/movie catchphrase?
  12. If you have to survive on only one kind of food, what would you choose?
  13. What lie you always convinced people to be true?
  14. What did you want to become when you were a child?
  15. What myth you still believe is true?
  16. If you have to insult someone nicely, what would you say?
  17. What was your most fun childhood memory?
  18. What kind of act of kindness you don’t want people to do?
  19. How was your first day at school?
  20. What is something from a TV-show/movie that you never forget?



20 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text:

Guy laughing on funny questions to ask a guy
The guy laughing on funny questions to ask a guy
  1. If you have to replace your hand with something else, what would you choose? And why?
  2. Name any movie that you think can reflect your life?
  3. What do you recommend to everyone to experience at least once in their life?
  4. Have you ever tried/stolen anything?
  5. What is something that nobody believes about you?
  6. What’s the worst “buy one get one free” sale you have ever seen?
  7. Being happy or being intelligent? What is more important to you?
  8. What piece of advice would you like to pass on to your next generation?
  9. Is there anything that you never share with others?
  10. Who is your best friend? Why do you think he is your best friend?
  11. If you could say something to your five-year-old self, what would it be?
  12. What was the most ironic thing that you participated in or witnessed in person?
  13. What makes you cry?
  14. What is your most embarrassing experience ever?
  15. What quote always remain in your mind?
  16. Have you ever seen some doing a super unprofessional thing?
  17. When you go home from work, what’s the first thing that you do?
  18. Has anyone ever did a prank on you?
  19. Have you ever did a prank on someone? How you planned and executed your prank?
  20. If you were in jail for something terrible, you did what possibly be your crime?


20 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

Guy with mobile and laptop on Questions to ask a guy
The guy with mobile and laptop on funny questions to ask a guy
  1. Any weird animal that you think people should have a pet?
  2. Which Hollywood actor you think can play as you in a movie about your life?
  3. If it is your last day, what advice would you like to give others?
  4. Which pet animal is the most annoying pet of all time?
  5. What horror movie do you love?
  6. What could be the worst phobia?
  7. What is something that everyone is doing but looks stupid?
  8. What is the weirdest nickname anyone ever called you?
  9. What ridiculous double standard needs to be ended?
  10. If animals somehow talk, which do you think would be the rudest?
  11. What is something popular now, but after ten years, people will look back and be embarrassed?
  12. What is the funniest thing you ever said to someone?
  13. What is your favorite thing to wear at night?
  14. What job doesn’t exist but should?
  15. What kind of rumor would you like to start?
  16. What do you think, how people talk about you on your back?
  17. Can you guess what I am thinking right now?
  18. Could you live for a month without any money?
  19. If you get a chance to have lunch with any of the famous dead people, who would you choose? And why?
  20. What game are you not good at?


10 Funny questions to ask a guy to make him laugh:

Guy laughing while Taking Tea
The guy laughing while Taking Tea
  1. Do you believe in superstitions, what is your top superstitious?
  2. If you get a chance to become famous, in what sense you want to be recognized? (E.g. actor, model, scientist, etc.)
  3. What’s the one thing that you are not good at?
  4. What is one food that you consider worth your existence?
  5. Who is the sexiest animal on earth?
  6. Have you ever said something creepy while passing by a stranger?
  7. Anything fun to do once, but you will want to do it again?
  8. If you design a logo for yourself, how would it look like?
  9. Any interesting trivia, you know?
    1. What do you recommend to people if they had the day off and ask you for advice? What was your funniest goal that now you have changed?

11 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy Tagalog:

Group guys laughing hard
Group of Guys laughing hard.
  1. Mentally, how old are you? Rate on a scale of 1 – 10.
  2. What does a perfect burger look like?
  3. What is the weirdest crush you’ve ever had?
  4. Name a movie, which you never get tired of watching repeatedly?
  5. If someone wrote a book on you, what would be its title?
  6. If you have to sum up your life in a single sentence, how would you do that?
  7. What’s the funniest joke you use everywhere?
  8. What one meal you can eat forever?
  9. What was your worst purchase that you still regret?
  10. Which major subject you think is useless in college?
  11. What conspiracy theories do you believe in?


Conclusion on Funny questions to ask a Guy:

Don’t try to memorize all these questions word by word. Read all and take out the meaning of questions and ask in your natural speaking style. The answer to these questions is going to be very funny. Even a single question can turn your whole conversation full of energy and fun. You don’t have to ask him all these questions one after another. Just try a few and let him speak. Try to prolong your conversation by adding more value to the answer. You can also ask these would you rather type questions, if you are not good at prolonging discussions.


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