20 Deep Questions To Ask a Guy To Get To Know Them on Better levels

You must be look for deep questions to ask a guy to get to know him ? right! So, we have written all the questions that will help you know your guy on a much better levels.

Deep Questions To Ask a Guy To Get To Know Them
Deep Questions To Ask a Guy To Get To Know Them


Question 1: If you have to give a lecture on something, which topic you will choice?

If you secretly want to know about his knowledge our interest in topics. You can use this question to get the exact information out of him.

Question 2: Where do you see yourself in five years?

You must know about his future plans. What is his future plans and can you adjust with those plans are not. You must ask this question to your guy.

Question 3: How was your childhood?

To know properly about his personality, to understand him better why he is as he is. It is one of the must ask question in our Deep questions to ask a guy list.

Question 4: Do you think movies influence us?

It’s good topic to talk about with a guy. Yes, movies do influence our behavior and our thinking. Ask him this question from our list of questions to ask a guy and he will love describe his thoughts on the topic.

Question 5: What are you not so good at?

It’s a difficult question for a guy to answer. Because they think they are good at everything. But some people know what they can’t do.

Question 6: What was your favorite cartoon character as a kid? Do you still like that character?

As a kid guys really love cartoon characters but even adult people watch cartoons and they call it anime.

Question 7: Anyone from your friends or family who have done something special for you?

This question is more about knowing him personally and his family. Ask him this question someone close to him must have done something for him.

Question 8: How you handle people who comment on your personal things?

We all have faced such situations time to time. How he managed his way from people’s comments, will definitely tell you more about his personality.

Question 9: Do you like beef or chicken burger?

He might like both, and that’s a good thing. Just to know his taste it’s a good question. Even when you guys can’t decide what to eat ask him this question and it will make his mind. We can’t decide when we have multiple options to eat. So, don’t use multiple options. If you are in mood to eat burger just ask about burgers. Same goes with pizza etc.

Question 10: Who is your favorite villain of all times?

It’s a very interesting topic to talk about with a guy. Guys sometimes love villains more than the hero in movie. So asking him this question might surprise you.

Question 11: If you were given $100, 000 to buy something instantly, what will you buy?

If you want to know and talk about his ultimate wish or desire to buy something that he can’t, it’s the best question to ask a guy.

Question 12: Does anyone have ever tried that stupid “knock knock…” joke on you?

Prepare any knock knock funny joke to make him laugh. Such stupid questions work best when he is not in good mood or having a bad day.  Upon his answer yes/no whatever just say “ok, then let’s try one”.

Question 13: According to you which sports is boring?

Everyone have his own taste in sports. He can even find football boring which is fun for many. Ask him this question to know him even better.

Question 14: How good are you at arm wrestling?

Arm wrestling is a common sports for men. Guys do arm wrestling just to show strength and for the sake of fun with their friends. It’s an interesting question to ask a guy.

Question 15: Do You like buying stuff that is considered only for girls?

Not too stupid like buying pink colored stuff etc. If you think these questions are not working for you why don’t you try some funny questions? We are sure he is going to laugh hard on these questions.

Question 16: Name any weird thing that you used to eat as a child?

No doubt, kids eat whatever they found on ground. The question is to bring back his childhood memories. He might tell you related stories. You guys are going to have good laugh on this question.

Question 17: Does movies made you cry?

Although it’s against the manly-hood to cry. But yes guys do cry while watching movies. Mostly Guys don’t admit that fact.

Question 18: What small things you always loved doing?

Sometimes very little things makes us happy. Guys also do little stuff to be happy. Ask him this question and he definitely love to tell you about his little things.

Question 19: If you were given 2(Paid) hours off from your job, where you would like to spend your free hours?

It’s obviously not possible but a very good question to ask a guy from our collection of Deep questions to ask a guy. He will enjoy answering this question.

Question 20: What you recommend others to do at least once before dying?

This question will really expose his inner self to you. What he thinks everyone should do.


So these were all the deep questions to ask a guy to get to know them better. Hope you enjoyed reading them.

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