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50 Good Questions To Ask a Guy

Good questions to ask a guy

Do you want to break that awkward silence between you and your guy? You need some good questions to ask a guy. Asking him good questions will automatically break your awkward silence. We know guys badly need questions to ask a girl, we thought it will be unfair not to write for girls so we prepared something special for girls. Good questions to ask a guy.

We prepared a very good list of questions to ask a guy, hope you enjoy reading.

Good Questions to ask a guy
Good Questions to ask a guy


Warning: Don’t try to copy our questions word by word. Try to stay in your natural speaking style. Just pick the meaning from questions and try to ask in your own style. You don’t need to ask each and every question written below. Pick the right questions that are suitable for your guy because you know your guy better.


Let’s start our list of Good questions to ask a guy:


Question 1: What was the name of your high school?


This question is really perfect to start your conversation. You can make this conversation long by adding different points related to school and education. This question also gives you bit of background about your guy. It’s a very easy question to ask a guy so don’t hesitate and ask him directly.


Question 2: Which is your favorite movie of all time?


Movies are common topic and everyone must have watched at least few movies in life. People love movies and also know a lot of things to talk about movies. It’s a very good topic to talk about. You can add more points to your conversation by adding more movies or characters from movies. It’s a very good question to ask a guy from our list of good questions to ask a guy.


Question 3: Which is your favorite snack food?

Food restaurant
Food restaurant on Good Questions to ask a guy

Everyone have different taste but sometimes you can get lucky to have similar taste. It’s also fun to have someone with a different taste as he will not eat your food in future. Ask him this question and know about his taste and preference in food.


Question 4: Do you believe in stars? Do they actually predict things?


If you are interested in knowing him more deeply this is just a good question for this scenario. Ask him this question and enjoy his answer. As every guy have his own perspective about stars.

This question will really open your eyes about his personal beliefs.


Question 5: What is your dream Halloween costume?


It’s a sweet and good question to ask a guy. He might reply that sound stupid to you. Don’t overthink and be happy with his choice. Guys mostly have weird choice when it comes to Halloween.


Question 6: How was your childhood?


It’s good to know about guy’s childhood. It’s a must question to ask. The question looks simple but it will help you understand the circumstances in which he had lived his childhood.


Question 7: How was you as child? Describe your childhood a bit?

Kids playing some sports
Kids playing some sports on good questions to ask a guy

As you might have asked him about his childhood but you might not have asked about his childhood personality. How was he as a kid? This will definitely help you understand him better.


Question 8: Do you have any pet?


To know about his love for pets it’s a very good question. Ask him with this question and will tell you the truth.


Question 9: Who you are really close in your family?


The person might be his father, mother or even sister. To know him even more personally you must ask this question to him. He will also feel connected to you after answering this question. He is going to love this question.


Question 10: Who you love more? Your Father or Mother?


If you are wondering who he love more in parents simply ask him this question and he will love to reply.


Question 11: What you prefer sweet or salt?


What kind of food he prefer? To know him taste-wise in sense of preference between sweet or salt you must him this question.


Question 12: Do you go to gym?


He might start thinking that you have noticed his gains (Muscles). Let him enjoy the moment. Guys even with tiny muscles think they have good muscular physique. Here is quick trick for you. If you actually notice little bit of muscles on his body. Appreciate him and he will love you for that. He might start liking you from that moment.


Question 13: Did someone ever cheated you?


Yes, possibly happened to him. People cheat on other people and it’s a bad thing but part of our life.


Question 14: Do you care in sense of “what people will think”?


It’s a very important question from our list of good questions to ask a guy. The question is already a popular question. We all care about “what people think about us”. It’s not a bad thing. But if you consider people in every situation then it’s a bad thing.


Question 15: How you feel about cheating someone?


To know about his feelings on cheating someone it’s a straight forward question and you should ask him directly without any hesitation.


Question 16: What is your choice? Cats or dogs?


These are two popular pet categories. He might love both and it’s a great thing. Even if he don’t want pet it’s also not a bad thing.


Question 17: What is love for you?


When you ask such questions to a guy, he will start thinking that you are in love with him. So ask such question when you want him to indirectly know about your love for him. If you love him don’t directly say “I love you”. If you want to make the move just say “I like you”.


Question 18: Which is your favorite season? And why?


It’s obviously not a big deal. Some people love winters and some love summers. The choice can vary from country to country. This is just a good question to ask a guy.


Question 19: What would you do, if you have 100, 0000$ for a day?

Guy with money
Guy with money on Good Questions to ask a guy

This is just to know his inner wishes. What he is dreaming to buy for a very long time. The answer surely reflect his inner deep desires.

Question 20: How much your care about what people think about you?


It’s a deep question to know about his personality. Ask him this question and his answer will definitely let you know more about his personality.


Question 21: Do you express your feelings easily with everyone?


His answer will automatically tell you if he is not good at expressing feelings. Mostly guys are not good at expressing feelings.


Question 22: If days and nights separately have 24hrs each, would it make any difference?


This question is designed to know his creative side in sudden scenarios. Obviously this is a fiction based question which have nothing to do with reality. But such questions are very good to ask guys.


Question 23: Do you prefer to lie or hurt someone by telling truth?


This is a serious question. We don’t know his choice. Ask this question and know more about him.


Question 24: If you get a chance to become any Hollywood actor, who would you like to be?


Just to have good conversation with little bit laugh this is the question you should ask him. This is one of the best question from our list of good questions to ask a guy.


Question 25: Who is your favorite comic book hero? E.g. spider-man, superman etc.


This question will really make him talk. Every guy has his own choice in superhero. Ask him and know his choice. Such questions are easy for guys to answer. So, ask this question if he don’t talk much.


More Good Questions to ask a Guy

Question 26: What you prefer, window or mac?

Guy with mobile and laptop on Questions to ask a guy
Guy with mobile and laptop on Questions to ask a guy

This is again a choice based question. Mostly guys prefer windows but some prefer mac as well. If you want to have a tech talk with him this is a good starting question.


Question 27: What you prefer, giving gift or receiving gifts?


Mostly receiving, but some guys prefer to give gifts without the intention of getting back any gift. Those guys are rare.


Question 28: Have you ever cried in public?


Probably not because he is a man and men don’t cry. They do, but they prefer not to cry. If he is a sensitive guy, he might have cried in public. Just to know his sensitivity level, it’s the best question.


Question 29: Name one thing that you regret doing and will not do again in life?


If you are interested in knowing any major mistake he had made in past just ask him this question.  It’s a common thing, people do mistakes which they regret in future. Asking him such questions makes you closer to him. How closer? Because you are now knowing his secrets.


Question 30: What makes your family happy about you?


What he have done so far. What makes his family happy about him? To know the positive side about his personality or life this is the best question.


Question 31:  What common habit you found worst in girls?


If you are curious about knowing what he don’t like in girls. This is a straight forward way. You might also have that habit as you are asking for common habit. If you want him, try to minimize your habit.


Question 32: What common habit you found worst in guys?


He might not have that habit, because he don’t like that habit. Maybe its smoking or whatever he will tell you.


Question 33: If you get a chance to have any superhero ability, which ability will you prefer?


This is an interesting topic to have a good conversation with your guy. If you want to have a light discussion with fun this is the right question for you. Superheroes have different abilities e.g. he might want to fly like superman etc.


Question 34: Do you have any kind of strange habit that people don’t really know?


Hu… that’s interesting. It’s a must question to ask if you don’t want to get shocked in future. Maybe he have something very simple that people don’t like about him. You know you can never make people happy. So, let him do what he love to do. Just remember it should be something normal. If he is doing something abnormal then you should rethink about your choice.


 Question 35: Who in your family knows you better?


Get closer to him and his family by asking such questions. Such questions really make strong bond between people. When people start discussing family relationships with others. They will somehow start getting connected with each other.


Question 36: Who in your friends knows you better?

Best friends on Deep questions to ask a girl
Best friends on Deep questions to ask a guy

Friends are also like family but some people prefer friends over family. He is going to name someone who is his best friend or childhood friend. Knowing about his friends also makes you closer to him.


Question 37: Who cares more about you? Your family or friends?


This question will shows and differentiate the two main relationships. The conversation is going to be very going to be  interesting. This is a good question from our list of good questions to ask a guy.


Question 38: Describe yourself in a sentence?


One sentence will highlights his personality. He will choose only those words which he thinks can represent him better. This is cute and fun question to ask guy.


Question 40: Do you read books?


Simply to know if he is a book reader or not. Ask him directly and know his interest in books. If you yourself a book reader, you must ask him this question.


Question 41: What is your favorite TV program?


His choices in things really disclose more about his personality. What kind of things he prefer to watch is one of the great ways to know him even better.


Question 42: Until now, which year was most memorable for you?


To talk about his good memories, it’s a great question. Ask him and enjoy his good memories from past. This question also help you in getting closer to him.


Question 43: Do you prefer a stable job with fix income or business with ups and downs?


To know his mind set about earning a living. If he is preferring business it’s a good thing but he must have done something. Means if he is just saying “I wanted to do this and that” means he have not practically done anything. He must have done something small to prove him as businessman.


Question 44: If you have to choose one thing, what will you prefer love or money?


There is nothing wrong in picking any of those two options. The justification of the answer will let you decide right or wrong.  Ask him this question and have a great conversation with him.


Question 45: What you prefer, staying home or partying outside?


This is actually a great question. For example if you prefer to stay home and he is a party guy it will make bit of problem for you. On other side if he prefers to stay home and you are a party girl, it will create a problem for both of you. So, you must ask him this question.


Question 46: Which is your all-time favorite movie?


It’s a simple question and easy to answer questions for guys. All-time favorite movies will definitely help you start a conversation. You can add more points about movies to the same question. This question will help you get a better start.


Question 47: Which political party you support in our country and why?


If you are interested in politics of your country and wanted to know his interest, this is the best question to ask any guy. If he is not interested, you will know immediately by his answer to your question.


Question 48: Until now, which year will you consider being the worst of all?


Like the good memories people also have bad memories. This is again a question which will help you get closer to him.


Question 49:  Anything that makes you break a relationship right away?


O girl, you need to ask him this question before you start your relationship. This question will really help you keep your relationship long lasting.


Question 50: Do you believe in marriage?


Although, this question might look awkward to you but you need to ask him this question. It’s a good question to ask a guy. If your intentions are to marry him and he disclose after a year that he don’t want to get married or want to stay single forever, it will really create a problem for you. It’s one of the best question from our list of good questions to ask a guy. Don’t hesitate it’s not a bad or awkward question. You should ask him this question to stay away from trouble in future.


Conclusion on Good questions to ask a guy:

If you found these questions useful do share it with our friends. Because sharing is caring. You should know one thing about guys. Guys are not good in starting a conversation. They hesitate more than girls. If you like someone just go and talk to him using our above questions. Our questions will definitely help you start and keep the conversation as long as you want. It’s not a bad move to say hi, hello or whatever.


About Direction/Commentary:


We tried our best to provide you with good questions. The direction/commentary given is to help you understand the question better. If you can make your own sense from the question, that’s great go far it. One thing you should keep in mind that the directions with these questions are not 100% applicable. Because in different situations we can not predict the outcomes. Just remember if you feel positive about something than it’s a good thing.


If you want o us write more good stuff for you make sure to share on your social media with friends. Thank you for reading.

If you want to say something, write down in comments.


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