100 Best Questions To Ask A Girl

100 Best Questions To Ask A Girl

What are some Best Questions to Ask a Girl? If you are looking for answer you are on right website. Deep-questions.com will help you get some best questions to ask a girl you like.


We will know a fast way to interact with any girl you want. You might be confused because you don’t know what exactly to ask a girl. Don’t worry you are in safe hands now.

Best questions to ask a girl

Best questions to ask a girl

For the 90% of men first interaction is the most difficult task, they don’t know how to actually start or keep the conversation. Even if a guy ask some random question he might get a Yes, No or Hmm in return. All you need is good collection of questions. There is no secret recipe to have good conversation but to know a lot of good questions to ask her. Keep her interest engaged with your best questions.


For some people keeping the relationship alive is difficult even to have your old relationship engaged you need some questions to talk about.


Here are the best questions to ask a girl. Think of them as a shortcut to know her better. Also these questions will keep your relationship alive as long as you want.


These are not some random questions, these are written with proper research. Be confident while asking these questions. You might find some questions as not suitable for your girl. Don’t worry don’t use those questions. Because you don’t have to ask each and every questions written below. You know the girl better so choice questions which you think are best for your girl.


Remember one thing: Don’t try to copy us word by word. You can use our questions in your own natural speaking style. Try to keep your natural way of communication even while asking these best questions.


Let’s start our best questions to ask a girl:


  1. Do you think love exist automatically by nature or we create love?

  2. What’s the worst thing you regret doing?

  3. Who do you love more? Your Dad or Mom?

  4. What makes you afraid?

  5. Who is your best friend?

  6. What you prefer? Friends or your parents?

  7. How was your childhood?

  8. What is your weirdest wish?

  9. What makes you happy?

  10. If you get a chance to live elsewhere in world, which country you will prefer?

  11. Who knows you best? Your parents or friends?

  12. What you love about our city?

  13. What you prefer? Money or love?

  14. Who is your celebrity crush?

  15. What kind of personality you prefer in men?

  16. If you can go back in past, what specific thing you would like to change?

  17. What is your favorite memory as child?

  18. Do you prefer staying at home or partying with friends?

  19. How often you spend your time with your parents?

  20. Are you doing anything special these days?

  21. What’s the nicest thing someone said about you?

  22. What is a dream life for you?

  23. What you want to change about yourself?

  24. What kind of movies do you watch?

  25. Do you like pets?

  26. Who is your favorite pet animal?

  27. Do you have any pets?

  28. If you get power to switch your life with a celebrity who would you like to switch lives with?

  29. What would you want to change in your parents?

  30. Have you ever lied to someone to save him/her from danger?

  31. Lying is good or bad? If it’s about saving someone’s life.

  32. How is your relationship with your mom and dad?

  33. Which animal scares you the most?

  34. Which person has influenced you the most in life?

  35. What’s the worst thing about being single?

  36. What’s the best thing about being single?

  37. Do you live with your parents?

  38. If you get powers to see future, what would you like to know?

  39. In one sentence, tell me about your life?

  40. If you get unlimited money for 10 days, what would you do with it?

  41. Are you a troublemaker or peacemaker?

  42. What you love most about your work?

  43. What in life are you the most grateful for?

  44. What’s your best place for dinner?

  45. Do you watch news channels?

  46. Have you ever thought about how you will die, or what will happen after death?

  47. Do you have any plans to travel in near future?

  48. What is your most loved memory?

  49. Do you speak any other languages? If yes, please show me?

  50. Do you have any secret talent?

  51. What is your dream job?

  52. What is your biggest life goal that you wanted to achieve?

  53. Do you have any secret that you wanted to tell me?

  54. What kind of job will never get you bored?

  55. Do you follow any passion in life?

  56. What is your worst life experience?

  57. If you get a chance to live forever? Would you?

  58. What was your childhood dream to become?

  59. Are you still following your childhood dream to become something?

  60. Do you love having many friends are you like just few close friends?

  61. Which is your dream country to visit?

  62. If someone in your family passed away, which person would surprise you the most?

  63. Who is your most crazy friend?

  64. What you ultimately wanted to achieve in life?

  65. What’s the last book you read and really loved?

  66. When was the last time you cried in front of someone else?

  67. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from someone?

  68. Would you like to be famous, if so, in what way?

  69. Before making a phone call, do you ever reserves what you’re going to say?

  70. What song did you last sing to yourself?

  71. What has inspired you recently?

  72. What’s the best part of your week or weekend?

  73. What is your greatest accomplishment?

  74. How close are you with your family?

  75. If tomorrow you woke up with a new quality, talent or ability, what would you like it to be?

  76. If your house caught on fire, what would be one thing you would have to save first?

  77. What makes you strong?

  78. If you get a chance to have dinner with your celebrity crush, where would you like to take him?

  79. Do you want to learn any new skills that you don’t have right now?

  80. If you were given role in movie, what person would you want to be in that movie?

  81. Do you like taking selfie? If yes, let’s have one.

  82. What are some stupid things the people do commonly?

  83. How you spend free time?

  84. What is that one habit that you always wanted to change in yourself?

  85. What is one thing you were afraid to do, but felt amazing after you accomplished it?

  86. Do you have people as role models in life?

  87. What is your most terrible dream?

  88. What is your most terrible memory that you wanted to forget but can’t?

  89. What’s your favorite social app? E.g. Facebook, twitter etc.

  90. What’s the most important thing that you have learned from people around you?

  91. Do you feel that you are a successful person?

  92. What things in life hinder us from success?

  93. What is the best lesson you learned so far from life?

  94. What you wanted to achieve in next 5-6 years?

  95. What kind of person you think can live with you as a happy roommate?

  96. What’s your opinion about “White Lies”, we should or not?

  97. Do you believe in New Year resolutions?

  98. If you have all the money that you don’t need to earn more, what would you choose to do all day?

  99. What’s your opinion about Aliens, do they exist or just fictions?

  100. What’s your specialty that you think people should know about you?


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If you want to say something you can by writing down in comments. Thank you



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