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50 Best Questions To Ask A Girl

50 Best Questions To Ask A Girl

What are some Best Questions to Ask a Girl? If you are looking for answer you are on right website. Deep-questions.com will help you get some best questions to ask a girl you like.


We will know a fast way to interact with any girl you want. You might be confused because you don’t know what exactly to ask a girl. Don’t worry you are in safe hands now.

Best questions to ask a girl
Best questions to ask a girl

For the 90% of men first interaction is the most difficult task, they don’t know how to actually start or keep the conversation. Even if a guy ask some random question he might get a Yes, No or Hmm in return. All you need is good collection of questions. There is no secret recipe to have good conversation but to know a lot of good questions to ask her. Keep her interest engaged with your best questions.


For some people keeping the relationship alive is difficult even to have your old relationship engaged you need some questions to talk about.


Here are the best questions to ask a girl. Think of them as a shortcut to know her better. Also these questions will keep your relationship alive as long as you want.


These are not some random questions, these are written with proper research. Be confident while asking these questions. You might find some questions as not suitable for your girl. Don’t worry don’t use those questions. Because you don’t have to ask each and every questions written below. You know the girl better so choice questions which you think are best for your girl.


Remember one thing: Don’t try to copy us word by word. You can use our questions in your own natural speaking style. Try to keep your natural way of communication even while asking these best questions.


Let’s start our best questions to ask a girl:


1. Do you think love exist automatically by nature or we create love?

This question will give you her real definition of love. What she think about love is it natural? Or we create it with our emotions.

2. What’s the worst thing you regret doing?

Obviously we all regret bad things we did in past but few are just worst of them all. Asking such questions will help you get closer to her as she is sharing worst things that happened to her in past.

3. Who do you love more? Your Dad or Mom?

She might say both in the beginning as it’s true that we love both are parents but we are more attached to one of them, to find out who she loves more just ask her this best question.

4.What makes you afraid?

Boy! if she is telling you things that make her afraid get to guard her. When a girl tells about things that make her afraid, it’s your duty to comfort her after listening to those things. Don’t let those things every make her afraid again.

5.Who is your best friend?

Yes, it’s a simple question but if you are interested in her you must ask her this question. This question will really get you closer to her. Knowing about her family and friends is a good step to know her better.

6.What you prefer? Friends or your parents?

Most of the girls prefer parents for the obvious reasons, but in some cases girl might say friends because her parents are not giving her proper time or attention that she needs.

7.How was your childhood?

Her true nature is going to be a reflection of her childhood. The way she had spent her childhood really impact her personality. If you want to know her this is a must question to ask her.

8.What is your weirdest wish?

You as a guy might have wishes that sound so weird. Girls also have such wishes. It’s fun to talk about those wishes and also make you closer to her.

9.What makes you happy?

Instead of figuring out different ways to make her happy, why not to ask her directly? isn’t it great!

10.If you get a chance to live elsewhere in world, which country you will prefer?

What will you do if she suddenly go somewhere without informing you? If you are interested in her and wanted to marry her, you must know about all her movement plans.

11.Who knows you best? Your parents or friends?

We might think that our friends know us better but that’s not true. Our parents have experience of life and they know things that we might be thinking they don’t know about us.

12.What you love about our city?

It’s good to talk about your city as we love some places in our city. Usually those places are related to food or place to have little chit chat with friends. Whatever the place is, you as a guy must know that place. Because when you want to take her out you already knew, where she wanted to go!

13.What you prefer? Money or love?

More like a typical question? No, she might say money and that’s nothing about being a gold digger. It’s about what are her preferences in life. If she wants money it’s your responsibility to fulfill her wish.

14.Who is your celebrity crush?

It’s a easy way to know about her choice in personality. What kind of personality she prefers. Just ask this question and you will know her better.

15.What kind of personality you prefer in men?

Ask her directly about her preference in men. Don’t shy to ask her this question. She might not describe you! But if she do, you are lucky!

16.If you can go back in past, what specific thing you would like to change?

If you want to know bad things from her past that still hurt her this is the right question to ask. This question will really explore her past.

17. What is your favorite memory as child?

If you are interested in knowing what best happened to her in her childhood, just ask her this question.

18. Do you prefer staying at home or partying with friends?

Her true nature will reflect from her answer. Some people prefer to stay home and some like to hangout more. Both things are completely normal. It’s just for you to decide whether you are comfortable with her choice or not.

19. How often you spend your time with your parents?

If she spend a reasonable time with her family that means she is a family girl and it’s good for you to marry her. She knows how to give time to her family.

20. Are you doing anything special these days?

She might be into something special. It can be a project or some business or any activity that she really wanted to do. Ask her and if you can help her in anyway just do it to make her happy.

21. What’s the nicest thing someone said about you?

Girls love to talk about appreciation they got from others. It’s a nice thing to talk about with a girl. You can even compliment her further on the same thing. If you found that thing to be true, you must tell her!

22. What is a dream life for you?

It’s a very important question and will save you a lot of time. If you can fulfill her dream that’s great even if you can’t you at least know what she wants from life.

23. What you want to change about yourself?

If she don’t want to change anything that’s fine. She might want to get rid of from some bad habit. We all have bad habits, it’s great that she is admitting it and wanted to get rid of it.

24. What kind of movies do you watch?

Asking this question will help you a lot to know about her. Even the answer will help you in future to decide which movie to watch.

25. Do you like pets?

It’s more like a compatibility question. If you are a crazy pet lover and she is not OK with pets. it will create problems for both of you. So, it’s always better to ask her this question to know her better.

26. Who is your favorite pet animal?

You ask this question when she is interested in pets else it’s a useless question to ask her.

27. Do you have any pets?

What she have as pet can be different from what’s her favorite pet. Obviously it’s also a linked question to two previous questions.

28. If you get power to switch your life with a celebrity who would you like to switch lives with?

She must want to fantasizing someone if she wants her life to be replaced with that celebrity. Asking this question will let you know her even better.

29. What would you want to change in your parents?

What she don’t like about her parents? Are they not good enough for her. If they are doing something wrong to her this is the best way to ask her. She is not going to answer the same question if you ask her directly that whats wrong with your parents.

30. Have you ever lied to someone to save him/her from danger?

To know about her ethical and moral values this a very good question to ask. Her answer really disclose a lot about her values.

31. Lying is good or bad? If it’s about saving someone’s life.

It’s not bad to lie for saving someone’s life, what she thinks about it matters a lot. You must ask her this question to know her even better.

32. How is your relationship with your mom and dad?

She might have very strong relationship with her parents. But still you must ask this question regardless of you know this or not. Asking it from her will reveal much better information that you might not know!

33. Which animal scares you the most?

It’s OK to be scared from animals as they are scary. Mostly we don’t have interaction with animals as they don’t live with us. But still it’s good to talk about this to comfort her.

34. Which person has influenced you the most in life?

You must know who inspired her. We get inspired or influenced by different people in our surrounding. This question will definitely reveal more about her life.

35. What’s the worst thing about being single?

We all are definitely single at a point in life. What makes it worst to be single is different for everyone. Her answer will definitely let you know a lot about her.

36. What’s the best thing about being single?

The fun fact is that some people enjoy being single. Everything in life has plus and minus to it. It’s obviously great to know because you still can allow her the same best thing. She might be looking for some alone time etc. You can still allow this being in a relationship.

37. Do you live with your parents?

It’s a good thing if a girl is living with her parents. It has nothing to do with her independence. If for some genuine reason she is away from her parents that is still something valid. You should ask this question to support her in any possible way.

38. If you get powers to see future, what would you like to know?

What is she most curious about in life? she definitely wants to see that from future. If you want to know her beyond just regular stuff you must ask her such deep questions.

39. In one sentence, tell me about your life?

One sentence is obviously not enough to tell about your life but still it will focus more on important points or you can say will highlight the main points of her life.

40. If you get unlimited money for 10 days, what would you do with it?

If you are interested in knowing her biggest wishes that she don’t let anyone know. This is a designed question to know her inner wishes.

41. Are you a troublemaker or peacemaker?

Most girls will say I’m a peacemaker but from her answer and they way she describe her peacemaking will let you know the real truth.

42. What you love most about your work?

Is she love what she do? Some people love their jobs because they are doing what they love, on the other hand most of the people hate their jobs because they don’t want to do what they are doing. If she is happy with her work she will stay happy even after work and that’s something great. If she is not happy with her job it automatically create stress for her after work.

43. What in life are you the most grateful for?

We are blessed with different things in life. If you are interested in a girl you must know her biggest blessing.

44. What’s your best place for dinner?

If you have plans to take her to a dinner, ask her about best place. If you take her to a place she don’t like. it will not make her happy.

45. Do you watch news channels?

No all, but very few girls take interest in news. If she watch news channels means she is interested in all the politics and country related things. She cares about country and a aware girl of that country.

46. Have you ever thought about how you will die, or what will happen after death?

It’s bit scary to ask, don’t ask such question in your first meeting or initial meetups. Remember this question for the time she ask you related things to that question.

47. Do you have any plans to travel in near future?

She she might have plans for her future to travel somewhere else, it’s always better to ask her

48. What is your most loved memory?

You must ask this to recreate this memory for her. Obviously, if it’s possible for you. You can also do something similar to her past memory.

49. Do you speak any other languages? If yes, please show me?

That would be a plus. Mostly people who came from other countries when migrate to a different country with parents still know how to speak their native language.

50. Do you have any secret talent?

Sometimes people have amazing talents that they are shy to show. You might encourage her to focus on her talent if it’s something great. Don’t encourage talents like over eating!


If you want to say something you can by writing down in comments. Thank you



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